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Starting a New Website ... SEO ... What do I Need to Know?

LanpartyComputersLanpartyComputers subscriber Posts: 3
I am starting a new website where I will sell gaming computers. I have been reading a lot about SEO and there are somethings that I`m still not clear on. 
I was reading somewhere that you don`t need to hire a SEO programmer because it is simple enough to do yourself. I don`t have much experience in web design, but is it simple enough for someone with no web design experience to implicate on their own. If so how would you go about doing so?
I plan on hiring a web designer is their anything I need to inform them of so I can implicate my own SEO or should they handle it?
I tried searching these questions on the forums and Google and I couldn`t find answers to these specific questions. I would appreciate any information about SEO and how to get good search results. I would like to get this information before I hire a designer.  I am currently looking for a web designer so if you could recommend anyone that could help me reach these goals I would appreciate it.
To get an example of what I am looking for design and programming wise you can go to www.dell.com, www.vigorgaming.com, or www.digitalstormonline.com.LanpartyComputers7/13/2008 2:31 PM


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