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I have been approached on joining a Corp.  This is a new company and of course I am a bit shy to move on this.  I would like some input on the following:   I am to get my credit report and based on the number;  I can be incorporated with this company with out putting up any money.  The idea has been patented etc... and is out on the market.  Sounds too good to be true.. I  am new to the business world, would hate to miss a good money making opportunity; however I want to share in recieving profits...not paying them to others.. Help??? 


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    Will you be issued shares in this company?  Sounds like a good opportunity.  You want to make sure your % ownership of the company represents a fair value based on what you are bringing to the table.  So, for instance, if you are in sales and bring in 25% of all sales you would want more the 1% ownership. 
    One way you can get an idea of your value is to try determine the value of the company with you and then the value of the company without you.  A good starting spot for negotiations. 
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    I do believe I will have shares.  We are just starting to talk.  I want to see numbers and projections etc.  I also, want to see how the marketing is going and future areas the product will be introduced to.  Thank you for the advice- now I can atleast know where to set some values for myself.
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    stated,I would make sure you really take a hard look at the situation.  While it is possible they simply are requesting your credit report as a way to rate your qualifications in regards to managing money and debt, it is also possible that they are looking for someone to use as a pad for their bad credit.
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