Where can I find an investor or silent partner?

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I am currently running a business, but have the opprotunity to add two commercial accounts. In order to do it the companys are requesting that I have two things. (1) Insurance on the business and (2) A good size building. I have completed the insurance, but need capital to expand into a bigger building and more equipment. I found a place, but you need good credit. My wifes credit is better than mine, but socail security benefits might be cancled if I put it in here name.
I am needing someone that can invest $20,000 to $30,000 for this expansion. Also what is a good return on the investment and how long before I buy the shares back.


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    1. A good return like "beauty in the eyes of the beholder" - depends upon the risk as perceived by the investor.
    2. If you intend to include a buy back clause in a stock purchase - the timing would be "by agreement" between you and the investor.
     robertj2008-4-4 16:54:15
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    Not sure where you are but Pensacola , Fl just had in the newspaper 11,000 sqft building $1000 a month.......thats a great deal..........Pensacola news journal sunday 12-07-2008
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