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OOZM - New Search Engine by People Help Line

GunaGuna subscriber Posts: 2
edited June 2006 in Marketing
I`ve been on this forum and I have received a lot of help from all of you. I`ve been asked to startup a new thread just to talk about oozm.com. My new search engine.
Bit of this post as well :
This is going well so far but I am only getting sales through personal sales such as through this forum and others. People love the concept but those people coming to the site on their own through search engine or whatever, they are not buying as many keyword pages as I would like. Maybe I am missing something on the site that explains the concept.
I don`t have the time to do personal marketing anymore. I wish I do because when I explain to people about the concept, they get it and they buy keywords! I am receiving a lot of support emails which I need to answer. I want to build a good customer relationship from the first day. So I want to direct my time there now.
I am receiving in excess of over 1,500 unique visitors per day and it is growing very fast.
I want some advice on marketing. How to target for people so that they come and buy keyword pages? Yes on target marketing. Which service provider should I use? Adsense?
I am also looking for affiliates to refer people to my site. Here is a deal, if you want to be an affiliate, message me through here or from the site and I will give you a free keyword page for a year. If you grab good keyword, you can advertise there for free for a whole year. All by yourself. However, your site must qualify for an affiliate. You can make a lot of money.
Please let me know if there are any other marketing ideas to target people to come and buy keyword pages. I am looking for advice on where I can find people that are looking for advertising help.
Questions to me from other members:

"What kind of reports are you generating for prospective advertisers? Can you tell me how many  of my client type would be searching around on your engine, or how many potential views I can expect? It also appears that as soon as things get rolling, you are going to jack up the prices for reserving a keyword. In addition, what is to stop a competitor from reserving keywords against me? Isn`t your pay-per-keyword plan for advertisers just like Adsense?"
Eric, great questions. I will try my best to answer them here.
1. I am building a module which should be available within a week where they can see the number of hits that come to that page. This should give them a sense of the number of people searched for that keyword pages. Since we allow people to add HTML tags in the ad space, we have no control over the click throughs and so on.
2. I believe keywords themself speak for the type of people that would come to that page. Since you get to own the keyword search results page, you get all the visitors that search for that keyword. Since this is relative new in a beta version, I don`t have client data or regional data.
3/4. Prices won`t exactly be $100 in a year when someone else buy it won`t be too high either. I need to compete with large engines. I will just be a moderate increase.
People will have the opportunity to renew those keywords just like a domain name when it expires in a year. So competitors won`t steal it from you.
5. No it is not. You own it, you advertise on it. No cost for click.
Hope this answer your questions.
Thank you.


  • EricEric subscriber Posts: 8
    Ok Guna,
    I have a hypothetical situation for you.  Say I want to buy the keyword(s) vegitarian and recipe), and vegitarian recipies. Only what comes up is an all meat extranvaganza.
    As you said, I would own the keyword. Unless you somehow censor me. What would keep the carnivori cornicopia from being shoved in the faces of innocent vegitarians seeking an alternative?
    The examples could be endless.
    Getting back to price. How many keywords and word combinations are there? Hundreds upon hundreds of thousands? Ok If You can get a mere 12 dollars per keyword per year, could  you could be a rich man.  Just do the math. 
    The point is simple.You have to sites listed to get people to the site and you have to have people looking to get people to list. 1500 people is a lot but how many of those 1500 are looking for a bird diapers?  (For instance)
    And How many multimillionaires were made because they literally gave away their freeware concepts and let people get hooked unmercilessly.? 
    Making people pay to list early is prohibitive but I also see the point in trying to create value in the service. It`s a tough call.
    I`m very intersted in finding out how this evolves.
  • davennydavenny subscriber Posts: 2

    How many queries and hits are you getting per day.  I see that your rank is around 600k in alexa. 

    Also I found that I had to ad my site one at a time to every search keyword or phrase is there away to do this faster.
  • GunaGuna subscriber Posts: 2
    Eric,You really come up with some questions that actually makes me think. Thank you. This sort of engagement will help me improve the services as  it grows.For your first question, the users will be able to delete a link if it is unrelated to the keyword topic. If that site owner keeps spamming  then we would ban the site from our engine. The whole concept is to avoid spams with the help of the people by providing them with available technology tools to do so. As we grow, I am hoping to improve the watch dog on spams and misuse at oozm.Second, yes I had a hard time coming up with the price. Yes $100 is too much but it was meant to make sure that the site is not just another site where people can spend $10 and spam. I came up with $100 because I wanted people to pay that money and then treat that page like their own for the rest of the year and maybe forever. When they pay $100, they will make sure the contents and the links on that page are accurate and that other users are not spamming the site. Atleast I was hoping that is what people would do when they pay a higher price for something. I think if I had charged $12 for each page, it would have helped me receive many more users and buyers but I think it would of had also devalued the site and the whole purpose of it. I am receiving many users now and I am hoping to keep it at this price level. Do you agree with me on this pay more vs pay less to keep the site clean?It was a tough call!I am looking for some advice on marketing, especially on target marketing. Let me know if you have any advice around that. Thank you again for your interest on this concept and the site. Please help spread the word to others.
  • GunaGuna subscriber Posts: 2
    Erik,Thank you for your interest on OOZM.The site is receiving in excess of over 1500 unique visitors per day. It is growing. Today we sold out on all of the category pages on our site! As you can see that it has dropped from 600k to 470k since your post. Alexa doesn`t even pick up for new sites. OOZM got picked up fast and it is increasing in ranking fast too.At this time, you will have to add one at a time. We don`t have any plans to make it easier. I think it is easy enough for people to do and add a URL to a directory immediately. We are trying to be open and a bit hard line to avoid spams. Maybe we will figure out a better way in the near future to identify real people and allow them to add more URLs at the same time.Hope this helps.-Gunahttp://www.oozm.com
  • GunaGuna subscriber Posts: 2
    Please follow discussion about OOZM at this post:
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