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feeling stuck

kristieleighkristieleigh subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2008 in Selecting a Business
I hope someone here can give me some help.  I`ve been thinking about owning my own business for awhile now, but I never get anywhere with what kind of business.
My day job is in IT, but I think I want out.  I enjoy reading, sewing, and exercising.  I have no idea what kind of business I could create with reading.  My sewing skills are in the very beginner level, and I don`t really have a "personal trainer" personality.  I`ve considered a no frills (no spa, sauna, pool, etc) lower cost gym, but don`t have the $$ for that or assets to get financing.
As for strengths, I`ve got a really strong work ethic, quick learner, good communication, and above average customer service skills (sounds like a cover letter LOL).  I can do so, but really don`t enjoy getting up and speaking in front of a group of people.  I loved retail/customer service, but didn`t enjoy managing "corporate" stores with their sales quotas and rules.  I have also been told I am an excellent manager, and am always getting promoted, whatever job I have.
To answer the million dollar question, if it didn`t matter if it failed or not, I`d either open up some type of retail establishment or gym.  I don`t think I have the stomach for the amount of risk a retail establishment would require, as I don`t think our economy is going up right now.  And I can`t afford to open a gym.
Am I missing something here?  Am I making excuses?  I think I`ve become so bogged down that I`m blind.  Please help!
Oh yeah - the passion question.  I`m scattered, nothing is a strong passion because I`m interested in EVERYTHING.  If I start researching one topic online, hours later I`m still sitting there, the first topic having let to 3 other interesting things.kristieleigh1/21/2008 9:08 PM


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    russell198russell198 subscriber Posts: 0

    I just read your post, the question I have for is are you ready to start a business and just want to know how to get started, or are you still just looking for general information?


    If you are still looking for general business ideas please visit my information only website at www.tophomebusinessinformation.com.


    However, if you truly want to start a business then the first question I have for you is what do you want to change in your life.  I know that is not the question you would expect.  However, when people really want to change their lives to help their family, really get out of dept, or to just stop the 9-5 rate race.  When you are really in a lot of pain, then you know you are ready to start a business.  You will have that burning desire to put in the long hours to get done which needs to get done.


    If this is where you are now then here are some of the basics.  First, what do you really want to do?  Seriously, what would you be doing right now if you did not have to worry about money?  Seriously thinking about this and tell me.


    Second, a C product with A marketing will do better then an A product with C marketing.  Once you know what you want to do then you need to create a marketing plan to get customers to contact you, when they are ready.  No, I am not talking about using Google Ad words, or other costly marketing.  I am talking about having other people constantly referring customers to you. 


    If you are really ready to get started then please let me know and I will help you first formulate what you want to do, and second get the marketing right.  No, I am not selling anything; I was in a major car accident about a year ago and still recovering.  I am doing this to give back, I was in your shoes years ago, and would hope to have you avoid the mistakes I made when I got started.





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    LiveWiseLiveWise subscriber Posts: 5
    Why not buy a franchise of what you love to do--read--that has a 100% money back guarantee?  Most entreprenuers will spend thousands of  of dollars and may never see a penny.  This is all set up and ready to go with business training from top business men like Robert G. Allen and Richard Paul Evans.  It`s so low risk and is growing at 15-20% a month.  If you want to know more, look up www.BookWisePro.com/LiveWiseNow   It is well worth your time! 
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    RicWillmotRicWillmot subscriber Posts: 14
    Do you want to GO into business; or do you want to move AWAY from where you are at the moment?I have some other comments, but will hold my tongue for now.Rgds,Ric
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    kristieleighkristieleigh subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks everyone for your insight and links so far!
    I really do want to get started, but I don`t think I can because I don`t yet have a solid choice of what business, and a lack of $ and assets (and a small amount of debt truthfully).  What do I want to change in my life?  I am a very hard worker, as I would guess most entrepreneurs are.  I am tired of putting so much time, effort, and honestly, so much of myself into someone else`s bottom line, someone who doesn`t even know me.  I am tired of watching mismanagement, loss of employee morale, and I have no desire to suffer climbing the corporate ladder to try and fix things.  I want to do things and make decisions because it`s my company and its success or demise rests on me, not because someone says `this is how we do it`.  I want a business that sustains me and my family.  Something that I enjoy, but that I can take off a day to spend with the kids if I want.  
    What would I do if I didn`t worry about money?  Open a physical retail store or a gym.  I did read the finding passion thread, that`s how I`ve come to the answers I`ve come to so far.  Retail, gym, customer service.  I will start looking at the life plan tonight, and also spend some time thinking about if I am running from or to something.  I think it is to, not from, but since part of my misery is this and the last corporate job, I will make sure.
    Sidenote - my parents think this last year or so of me thinking about my own business is really interesting.  From the time that I was in middle school through high school they had their own very successful marketing business.  Unfortunately, a not-so-honest partner was taken on and my family lost everything.  I swore I never wanted to have to worry about things like that and I`d always work for someone else who could worry about it instead.  I`d just go to work, do my job, and go home.  My parents laughed.  Now I find out they always knew that with my personality I`d never be able to just do my job and go home.  I care too much and, as everyone keeps telling me, apparently I`m a leader.  Whatever that means
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    MichelleACMichelleAC subscriber Posts: 0
    Wow, Kristie, you sound just like me.  It sounds like I could have written much of your sidenote. 
    I have started my own business as a personal and business coach and business consultant.  I also have to keep my "day job" until I get enough exposure and a big enough customer base that will allow me to work my business exclusively.  My frustration with working hard for others remains but it is tempered by the fact that I have another focus which is my primary focus....getting my business up and running.
    For my business, I don`t need much startup capital....it sounds like you are targeting a business that may need some.  Remember, though, that there are small business loans that may help get you started. 
    Now having said that, you may want to do some marketing research on your gym or physical retail store (I know you are not necessarily sold on these businesses but I`m just addressing these since you mentioned them).  As you already know, there are quite a few gyms already thriving.  How will your gym differentiate itself? I`m a little more interested in the physical retail store.  What types of products would you sell, clothing, gym equipment, nutritional supplements, or maybe all of the above?  It might be cool for a "one stop shop" where one might be able to go to one place and get a myriad of physical fitness gear, equipment and dietary supplements and vitamins.  Would your  retail store be a "brick and mortar" store or an internet store?  You may want to begin doing this research so that you have a true direction when you are ready to open your business.
    I am a personal and business coach.  I also do offer a free 1 hour consultation.  If you are interested, please view my website (www.arringtonmanagementservices.com) and contact me to set up the free consultation.  No obligation or strings attached.
    I look forward to hearing from you.
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    dsprindledsprindle subscriber Posts: 2
    I like the new IBM commercial. Have you seen it? There is a room full of people "ideating" and getting nowhere.
    Ever tried to steer a parked car? It has to be moving. Maybe you need to start with something which may end up leading you to what you`re really looking for.
    My childhood dream was to own a ski & bike shop. I eventually did (Jackson Hole area), but it soon turned into a nightmare. But... I met a couple who needed new ski boots, and later on were instrumental in leading me to do what I do now, which is a business for people who like helping people that I could never have dreamed of. The point being that I would not have gotten to where I am today if I hadn`t been moving.
    So... start with what you have and begin!
    dsprindle1/22/2008 11:03 PM
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    kristieleighkristieleigh subscriber Posts: 1
    There is an under-served market for a specific type of gym in my area.  And health and fitness is something I care deeply about.  As for a retail establishment, I was thinking a physical store (though I`m reconsidering as my ideas evolve).  However, it wouldn`t be gym related.  Another idea that has been tossed around between my partner and I is a bar/club/music type of establishment.  That`s something he does have experience with, though not owning one.  And something that appeals to me, though it has TONS of other considerations.  Maybe once my finances are in order I could go work in one to see how it runs
    In regards to a previous question, I think I may be running both to and from my corporate life.  I hate my job, for many, many reasons.  That is something I AM passionate about; it`s horrible.  The only good thing about it is a paycheck, even the benefits are sorely lacking.  However, I DO want my own business.  So, do I see a business as an escape from this particular job?  Or am I using these feelings as my `kick in the butt` to get moving on something I`ve wanted to do anyway?  Again, both.  So here is something I`ve decided during my overtime hours the last few days   I will keep looking for a different corporate job, one that alleviates some of the worst parts of my current job but still pays the bills.  Once I make that switch and am not so completely overwhelmed and exhausted by my day job I can start actually MOVING FORWARD with solid plans and decisions for my own business.  At the same time I can get those stupid credit cards payed off (which will only take a couple months if I follow my plan).  While this plan keeps me in corporate, I think I can survive a year or two of that to make everything else stable first.  Of course, the hard part is finding that new job.  A very tough thing in this economy.
    In the meantime, I will keep reading and learning from this site and its members.  And I WILL do that life plan this weekend!
    THANK YOU everyone for your comments and advice.  I`ll still be reading if you have more!
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    dsprindledsprindle subscriber Posts: 2

    I met my wife in a gym! I was a fitness trainer and she was an aerobics instructor. A match made in heaven! We also owned a retail business, a high end ski and bike shop and currently own a business in the health and fitness industry.
    One of the challenges of corporate is the security we think it offers. The steady paycheck. Security is extremely important to most people, in general, even more so for women. It`s hard to take your foot of the security dollar when you`re reaching for the freedom dollar. I`ve struggled with this a lot.

    Starting your own business involves huge risk. You can fail. You can lose everything. You probably understand this and it sounds like you`re not sure if you`re up for that yet.
    Finding another job that eliminates some of your pain may actually take some incentive away to take action in the future. Pain is a great motivator while it lasts. But at least you are doing something. You are moving. Things happen when we start taking action. Any plan is better than no plan so I do encourage you to follow through.
    I recommend the following resource. It a small book entitled "The Business School", by Robert T. Kiyosaki with Sharon Lechter. Click here for a link to order. It may offer some ideas on what you can do to move toward entrepreneurship while you are still working your corporate job.
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    cdbartworkcdbartwork subscriber Posts: 11

    I just read your post, the question I have for is are you ready to start a business and just want to know how to get started, or are you still just looking for general information?t If you are really ready to get started then please let me know and I will help you first formulate what you want to do, and second get the marketing right.  No, I am not selling anything; I was in a major car accident about a year ago and still recovering.  I am doing this to give back, I was in your shoes years ago, and would hope to have you avoid the mistakes I made when I got started. /QUOTE]  Russell: Great response, I can`t wait for the responses.  
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    PeterCPAPeterCPA subscriber Posts: 0

     I recommend the following resource. It a small book entitled "The Business School", by Robert T. Kiyosaki with Sharon Lechter. Click here for a link to order. It may offer some ideas on what you can do to move toward entrepreneurship while you are still working your corporate job.

    I would recommend that you DON`T read Kiyosaki. He has been regularly proven to be dishonest, his methodologies are simplistic and flawed, and was only successful at promoting himself through Amway, which he had a friend high in the MLM and got him in there. There is a wonderful website that shows the hundreds of lies he has told! I am sure if you do a search on him you will find it.From what I have read on this site, the advice you will get from these people in here is 100 times better than the tripe that bloke trots out!
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    kristieleighkristieleigh subscriber Posts: 1
    The funniest thing happened to me today.  I had taken the day off (hoping by now I`d have at least one interview scheduled, which I don`t) and I was talking to mom about all the different ideas I suddenly had for possible business ventures.  When I got to one of the retail ideas (this one online instead of a physical store), I realized that I`d been talking somewhat `passionately` about the idea, and for a much longer amount of time than the others.  My mom`s contribution was that I should `test` the idea on ebay first.  I might.  Although, with my tech background building a website is no big deal for me ... of course, designing one is something else entirely!  And we have a lot of marketing experience in my family, so I`m not too worried about that.  Anyway, it was weird how after all this agonizing I decided what I want to focus on, just by talking about it.
    dsprindle, you are right, taking away some of the corporate pain could take away incentive to get out of corporate.  But this would be something I could work on while working.  Get the learning curve out there, get ramped up.  And it is something I`m excited about, I don`t have to go out and get big business loans, and is even related to a hobby!  Yes, I am probably much less risk tolerant than the average entrepreneur; I see this as a way to lessen that risk.  And you are right, things happen when we take action.  It`s like a boulder rolling down a hill, you have to get it started or it will never get ... well, I don`t want to `get to the bottom` but you get my meaning
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    dsprindledsprindle subscriber Posts: 2
    Way to go Kritieleigh! Sounds like you had a great breakthrough. I rejoice with you, now enjoy the journey. Look at it as a great adventure, discovering new things about yourself and others. There is a proverb that says, a woman`s heart makes her plans, but the Lord will direct her steps. That`s what we`ll be praying for you. Now that you have a plan, you will be led step by step.
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    kristieleighkristieleigh subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks dsprindle!  But now I should probably get OFF the computer and start doing something about those steps!!  It`s so much easier to read and read and read advice then take the first step
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    careergirlcareergirl subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Kris- I am a brand new creative career consultant. I do understand your "scattered" thinking because I, too, have had a difficult time choosing a career. My resume is scary to look at! This current career is a perfect fit for me because I get to talk to all kinds of people and do research for them.
    I recommend a book by Barbara Sher called "Refuse to Chose". She talks about people like us who have a a hard time picking just one thing to do or work at. She suggests careers and gives ideas for managing symptoms for people she calls "scanners".
    --Suzie Williamson
    (hope to have web site up and running soon!)  www.NewIdeasCareerConsulting.com
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    bearygoodbearygood subscriber Posts: 0
    Starting businesses online to test the waters is relatively painless and cheap, especially for customized cottage stores, as you can skip the costs of leasing space and the attendant taxes. Some folks even run the whole thing off of free blog or webhosting services and make a fair chunk of change doing it.
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