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Market Research

kwenzelkwenzel subscriber Posts: 1
edited November 2006 in Marketing
Hi,Does anyone know where I can find some good information on potential market size (revenues or customers) for the software sector?  Specifically I`m trying figure out the size of the data conversion market.Thanks!KW


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    kwenzelkwenzel subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi,I was looking at data conversion as being taking a file format and its contents from one structure to another so that information can be dumped out of one application and read into another -- this may involve rearranging of elements, calculations, sorting, and filtering.I`ve done more research and found that the types of data conversion I speak of are a subset of data integration.In general, are there good sources to learn the size of a particular industry sector?I done done a lot of surfing reviewing potential competitor`s websites, however, may of these firms are privately held, and I can`t get any sales figures.Thanks!KW
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    odditysoftwareodditysoftware subscriber Posts: 1
    This information is actually rather easy to come by as long as you know the associates SIC codes for the industry. All of revenue and earnings information is a matter of public record at some level, even if the company is privately held. You just have to know where to look. If you let us know more precisely the target group you are after, or even a few companies that fall into that genre of service, I`m sure we could be of some assistance.
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