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What to do with written software?

konradskonrads subscriber Posts: 1
The business concept in broad terms was to help customer find the
cheapest or other best offer from comparable offers by automatically
going to those websites, filling out complex forms and then presenting
back to the customer. Money is made by offering complementary products
and advertisements. In this specific case, the idea was to aggregate
home insurance and car insurance data in Sweden, but it is not . Maybe
not very web 2.0, but if one can be at least 1/2 as useful as the
aforementioned skyscanner...
I built the back-end that powers the collection and can be queried
with JSON from front-end easily and now I wonder what I should do with
it? My instinct hunch would be to just sell it at bargain prices (any
buyers?) to compensate time investment (it has docs, quality code,
etc). But maybe the collective minds have better suggestions?
Some tech entrepreneurs willing to pick it up from here? Any ideas -
where to seek more help appreciated.
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