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need adsense mentor to get things started

knockknockhloknockknockhlo subscriber Posts: 4 Member
Hi ,
      I want to make some extra bucks from adsense . i heard , for this , i dont even need website. i just have to start my blog with some google ads.Can anyone here , who can help me?


  • ChuckChuck subscriber Posts: 6
    Technically a blog is a website; it`s a web log of a running commentary delivered through a site.  You can use a hosted service, like Blogger or Wordpress to create a blog so that you don`t have to go through the hassle of setting up hosting and acquiring a domain, but even if you go that route the key to adsense is that you actually have some traffic that`s going to click on those ads.  No traffic = no clicks = no revenue.  So unless you`re willing to put at least some amount of time into methods to draw traffic to the site, it`s probably not going to be worth your while.
  • mikechongmikechong subscriber Posts: 2
    I`d say you have to draw in as much traffic as possible into your site. Statistically you`ll get only about 2% ( in most cases even less than that ) click-through rates, this means that out of 100 people who visit your site, only 2 will click on the ads ( this is statistics, and happens on most sites). However there`re many ways to increase that percentage, it depends on how strongly your content is related to your ads!
  • knockknockhloknockknockhlo subscriber Posts: 4 Member
    alrite , ok , how many ads i can put into my blog? i can write loads and loads of info and that all targetted , not junk , but good piece of information.say 10 , 000 words to start with ? so , how many ads can i place? i know clicks will be counted as for different ip adress and for one day , i guess , is there any limitation to geographical region? or clicks can be made by any person living in any part of world?
  • path2successpath2success subscriber Posts: 0
    Generating traffic without spending a lot of money testing adwords can be a challenge to the budget. I`m trying this new service to generate website traffic to my site:
    It`s too soon to tell how well it works, but I`d like to know what others think, whether they`ve heard of it or other services you recommend.
    Thank you for your feedback.
    FUNDED SPONSORING FRANCHISE SYSTEMhttp://jgoldsmith.payitforward4profits.com</A>
  • mikechongmikechong subscriber Posts: 2
    you can place as many ads as you want in your website - no limitations.the more ads you have, the more annoying it becomes to the visitor! remember that!I don`t think there`s a limit in geographical region.
  • path2successpath2success subscriber Posts: 0
    Thanks, Mike. I`m currently set up with a 365 day autoresponder with my 3 websites. Entry into the first of three affiliate businesses is only $10. The whole idea is to have the affiliate businesses fund marketing thus the term Funded Sponsoring Franchise System. That`s all great but it still boils down to hits. No hits - no business. I guess there`s a science to making this whole thing work.
    Thanks again
    FUNDED SPONSORING FRANCHISE SYSTEMhttp://jgoldsmith.payitforward4profits.com</A>
  • knockknockhloknockknockhlo subscriber Posts: 4 Member
    can anyone dupe this adsense system?dont take me wrong , but any way to confuse adsense ?
  • mybizmybiz subscriber Posts: 4
    as a newbie..u shld grab this FREE google adwords course and get some tips..
    The Definitive Guide to Google AdWords:http://perrymarshall.com/cmd.php?pg=nurulh01</A>
  • Ziyapathan0143Ziyapathan0143 subscriber Posts: 150 Silver Level Member
    In fact, a blog is a site; it`s a weblog of a running analysis conveyed through a web page. You can utilize a facilitated benefit, similar to Blogger or Wordpress to make a blog so that you don`t need to experience the bother of setting up facilitating and gaining an area, however regardless of the possibility that you go that course the way to Adsense is that you really have some movement that`s going to tap on those promotions. No movement = no snaps = no income. So unless you`re willing to put at any rate some measure of time into techniques to attract movement to the site, it`s likely not going to be justified regardless of your while.there`re numerous approaches to expand that rate, it relies on upon how firmly your substance is identified with your promotions!
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