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$500 outrageous business proposal

knockknockhloknockknockhlo subscriber Posts: 4 Member
edited September 2006 in Sales
Hi everybody,
                      You must be wondering why this forum`s title is $500 business proposal, let me explain , i have one good idea , which will make money , i have knowledge , man power ,basically everything needed except funds.Initial cost for this project would be around 300 to 700$  and i know here are so many people , for them this amount is very small.
              Anyway, so what i was saying , most of you reading my  forum, wondering what the whole idea is about , anyone can come online and chat with me on yahoo messenger , mine id is knockknockhlo  , at the end of month i`ll provide you with paypal statement and we will distribute the profits , if any body interested in making passive income , this is great opportunity.
         Why i am asking partnership on forum? well , this virtual world is far better than real world , offcourse here are many people who rip off people`s money , but along side there are thousands of good hearted people and good thing is i already collabrated with one person , though things are moving slow , but we both will start making money may be after 40 - 50 days and we both are great friends as well partners.
      Thats where i see problem , people will spend money on get rich quick schemes , or any other program and loose money (offcourse some will be making , but not all) , but why not to trust on real people , real people with good ideas , thats what my message is Go out and collabrate with people , hats what banks are doing for decades , investing with real people real business teams , why cant you ?
     Well, this is risky , i know huge risk involves , many will be saying, how can i invest money in someone else`s idea, he can just run with my money, well rite you are rite , but you arnt blind? you can see in other people`s heart if you really use your senses and tell in just 10 minutes whether person is genuine or scammer. Use your skills to identify people and arent you using these skills daily to daily basis on real life people?
    This is my place (internet) , i consider myself lucky , huge internet explosion occur at my time, where so much information , so much people , so much ooportunities all packed in single recatngular box, computer , so before going to bank or any other private institution for money , i`ll ask my colleagues first , all you people who love internet as well humanity as i do.
     I hope some courageous  people will come forward and i gurantee you sucess , money and peace and offcourse life long friend as well partner


  • WCRTPSSWCRTPSS subscriber Posts: 0
    Please don`t take this as a "blast", but the fact is that I wouldn`t partner with someone who can`t figure out how to crap $1,000 in a pinch; and neither would anyone I know (and I know a LOT of people). 
    To make a business work takes money, money, money and more money.  The art of raising capital, and creatively coming up with money is the key to the whole thing.  Let me offer you some suggestions for raising $1,000 bucks that are better than this and do not involve a partner:
    1.  Pre-sell your product or service.  Offer a special pre-launch price to people that become clients / customers now, and commit to delivery at a future date.  I know several best selling authors that have done this quite effectively.  I just launched a joint-venture product and we sold 16 units of a semi-high-end product ($250 bucks) and we weren`t ready to deliver it until two days ago.  I have a subscription / membership product so we used a lifetime membership in that as an inducement-- we said look-- order this "information product" and we`ll include *** these *** bonuses.  Our initial audience was only 40 and we moved 16.  Not bad.
    2.  Sell some stuff.  I`m sure you have $1,000 worth of crap laying around that you either don`t, or should not use.  Sell it.
    3.  Use a credit card(s).  You ought to have $1,000 in available credit to either get an advance or charge start-up costs.  If not, get one/some now.  If, in addition to having no money, you also have poor credit-- then...
    4.  Leverage the credit of someone else-- (you can`t borrow money from an institution because your credit isn`t institutional-grade in this case) so get someone you know with good credit to loan you money-- they use their credit for your start up and you give them a note.
    5.  Get a loan.  Secured, unsecured, home equity, etc.
    There`s just a few...
  • knockknockhloknockknockhlo subscriber Posts: 4 Member
    well ,
          Thanx for these ideas , i`ll surely try these methods , i dont have crap to sell anyway , but other methods i`ll see , you said no one will bother my proposal , well , atleast you cared for such an amazing answer , anyway , let see what i do , but proposal is still open , dont think  , i am closing my doors, you never know  this is bound to make money , anyway , once again thanx
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