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chefamychefamy subscriber Posts: 2
edited September 2008 in Marketing
I see that everyone does it and it is suggested as a means to market, but as a busy mom and business owner I haven`t really read them.  I hate to say I don`t know that much about them.
What does one blog about on their business site? 
What are other tips about blogging?  I don`t mind writing I jsut don`t know what to write about.


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    chefamychefamy subscriber Posts: 2
    Thanks I will look it over!
    Since you seem to be on top of things what is SEO?
    chefamy9/22/2008 1:09 PM
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    DefMallDefMall subscriber Posts: 2 Member
    Something to consider when deciding `what` to blog about:
    Don`t look at your blog as a way to gain a new sale each time. Look at it as a way to discuss your areas of knowledge. In other words, if you blog about cheese...all about cheese...hwo to make cheese...how to cook cheese...when you last ate really good cheese....you soon become the authority on Cheese. As people read your stories/popsts they soon take an interst in you, and check out your website.
    (Your blog will, of course, be designed to draw traffic to your site...but you don`t want every post to say `please buy cheese` as an example. You want your expertise to be the magnet.)
    The good thing about this system is that it then allows you to go to OTHER blogs and leave comments. Often, if someone finds a level of expertise in your comment they will check out your profite...and therefore be drawn to your site.
    I hope this hopefull.
    PM me with any questions.
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