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Web application needs your criticism

kmamaskmamas subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2009 in Website Critique
Dear fellow entrepreneurs,
Please visit our web application at: www.megaventory.com
its about managing inventory and the application is 100% web based.
Thank you very much in advance for your comments and criticism,


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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Overall it looks like a nice set up, the layout is clean and uncluttered, and it`s easy to understand right away what you offer.
    What I don`t see upfront is why this better for me, as a potential user, than setting up something on my PC to do much the same thing .... in other words, what are the pros-cons of your system vs my own PC inventory system?
    How reliable is it?
    What if your server goes down and I can`t access my area?
    What if my internet access is interrupted and I can`t get online at all ( not something you can control, but it may happen sometime, and a user may want to think twice about working online after that ).
    What type of security is in place to protect my information?
    Many web hosts state on their home page things like guaranteed uptime, security features, etc., which might be something for you to consider doing to create a bit of a comfort level right away.
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    kmamaskmamas subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you. This is the kind of comments I am looking for.
    I would love to see more criticism coming!
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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    Looks good.
    I imagine one question that you`ll face is how does www.megaventory.com interface with my point of sale system, or ordering system - if at all?
    If it does or does not... that should be addressed.
    vwebworld1/26/2009 9:55 AM
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    kmamaskmamas subscriber Posts: 1
    @Webline: You are absolutely right about this, I slightly modified the homepage text to account for the "desktop software" comment. The "data reliability/accessibility" part that you mentioned has been added in the form of two paragraphs to a secondary page and is accessed when the user clicks "Read on". According to my analytics, most people that open accounts, click "Read on" anyway. I wouldn`t want to add text and info on the home page as it would make the home page heavy. Well, thank you!
    @vwebworld: At the moment there is no API. Megaventory uses a basic ordering system of its own to deal with sales and purchase orders. We decided to implement a generic (and not application specific) API on a later stage since our main target group are small businesses that are unlikely to use another web app. We need to specify this and we think I nice place to mention it would be in the FAQ section. Thank you!
    @CraigL: The flash video is a -must have- in my opinion as well. Is on its way; we have outsourced it to a company doing flash presentations. The "demo" link takes you to a page that you only have to type demo demo to log in. We thought was straightforward but apparently we were wrong! It happens when you see the application 20 hours/day. We changed the demo page and made this part look bold; we guess now the steps to see the demo are clearer for the user. Thank you!
    More comments are more than welcome.
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    kmamaskmamas subscriber Posts: 1
    Hello CraigL,
    I will pass that to our developing team. Thanks for the reply. Can you please send me this link. I went through their site but couldn`t find it.
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    kmamaskmamas subscriber Posts: 1
    It gives me a "file not found error"! does this work for you?
    Anyway, I got your point. I just wanted to see it in action and how they technically connect two discrete applications together (the website with the locked quickbooks application).
    Many thanks to you and the other kind people participating in my request. More comments are always welcomed by anyone. I am also interested in the GUI part of the application (the one that is accessible by the demo user here: http://www.megaventory.com/LoginDemo.aspx). A lot of people cant seem to find their way or understand what the application does. If there has to be a tutorial, how and where this has to be placed? Any useful links with similar tutorial material?
    Thanks again!
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    JannMirchJannMirch subscriber Posts: 0
    Good suggestions and conversation. I would also add, make the FAQ more prominent. If I`m seriously considering using this app, I will likely want to read this through before signing on. Make it easy for me.
    Ditto with the Resources section. And maybe rename to Case Studies or Advantages or something similar. You are really going over some of the nitty gritty selling points. Resources makes it sound like you are sending me to outside resources. At least that`s how I read it - especially since it was buried in the footer.
    Very nice looking site though. Nice colors, easy to read.
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