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I need feedback/critique of my wesite from the USA

kevinlkevinl subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2007 in Website Critique
As I`m based in Sydney Australia I have no idea how my website is functioning in the USA. As I am using a Java Applet for online publishing I would appreciate any trials of online logo personlaization. Just go to the home page and hit the green demo button.Thanks in advance......Kevinwww.logoconsulate.com
kevinl2007-1-23 18:28:21


  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    Very well done overall but some of the copy is poorly written. The "Welcome To The Logo Consulate" heading and subsequent paragraphs are not well written or properly sized/formatted. You`re using some very worn out ideas ... this will cost thousands elsewhere ... etc. People don`t pay attention to worn out ideas.
  • ToddFToddF subscriber Posts: 3
    Actually, I couldn`t wait for the middle section to load, call me impatient but.....Then when I attempted to back out it locked my browser up and crashed IE 6. I`m guessing it`s the applet that was causing this and I strongly suggest you try developing it in Flash instead, it`s much more browser friendly and people wont ever have to download an applet plugin. Other than that the site looked fine.
  • kevinlkevinl subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Craig and OUCH!!! Obvioulsy we are going to need to do more testing, tweaking and editing. The x button means that you don`t have a Java enabled in your browser. I will hand over your thoughts to my tech team.Craig I really appreciate your feedback.RegardsKevin
  • kevinlkevinl subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks for the feedback - yes It is poorly written and perhaps you could provide me with a quote to re write ? Just to damn busy with other priorities.I`m interested to know whether or not you were able to demo the logo personalisation ?Regardskevin
  • kevinlkevinl subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Craig I`m on to it !kevin
  • kevinlkevinl subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks Jeff, yeah I`m a bit confused about the functionality at the moment. The speed is a concern. It seems to be loading quickly in Australia. So I will have to get my tech team to analyse the problem.No what you mean about Flash however it has it`s limitaions also.I really appreciate your time on this and I would like to stay in touch.CheersKevin
  • kevinlkevinl subscriber Posts: 1
    JeffCould you please have a look at the home page demo once more.Wehave made some behind the scenes changes.CheerKevin
  • InactiveMemberInactiveMember subscriber Posts: 12
    I`m not sure if your request for a writing quote was directed at me. I don`t freelance but I am happy to provide copywriting advice and suggestions free of charge in this forum.
    1. Instead of: Welcome To Logo Consulate
    [ Print Your Own Professionally Designed Business Cards In Five Minutes]
    2. Instead of: This is logo consulate, the online design store, where from as little as seventy one dollars you can choose a professionally designed logo and print one hundred colour business cards. Our logo design quality would cost hundreds if not thousands our dollars elsewhere.
    [ Design your stationery and business cards online. Choose from ten thousand professionally designed logos. Order your printed products online from anywhere in the world. ]
    3. Create another call to action button below text.
    4. A lot of the other text is unnecessary.
    These are just basic suggestions. Feel free to post any additional questions.
  • kevinlkevinl subscriber Posts: 1
    Thanks your a legend !!!RegardsKevin
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