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I am seeking team partners/funding for the fabrication and patenting of the first flash-media hardware player.It would be just like an mp3 player, but it would store and play files in .flv, .swf, and other flash formats.MUSIC FILES IN .FLV FORMAT ARE OVER 3 TIMES SMALLER THAN MP3, AND NO DISTINGUISHABLE QUALITY!You could put over three times the media on a player the same size and price!I can`t find any portable players that seem to support this format.The prototype wouldn`t have to be "nano-ized" like the finished product would be. Just something to get a patent on.I would like to call it a "slip player" - or "The SlipMan" (.flv version of Walkman).My partner and I don`t have much to bring to the table, except the idea itself and a few hundred dollars as a show of good faith.Thankyou.
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    Personally I would look at building a flash player that works in java, that way once it`s built you can sell it to almost all the cell phne companies as an add on.
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    i think you have an uphill battle competing with creative, apple, and microsoft. i think the product can be invented and produced, but getting consumers to buy is a totally different animal. i think it would be tough to uproot mp3 as a media player format. the success of the ipod is not in the function of the player - a lot of other mp3 players are better than the ipod. it was apple`s approach to design, to the itunes integration that made it successful. 
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