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Tennis lessons for minorities

ProdigyProdigy subscriber Posts: 19
edited July 2008 in Selecting a Business
Im watching Wimbledon and am just amazed at the lack of minorities in the sport of tennis. Do you think their is a market for affordable tennis instructions for these minorities? Tennis is viewed as being a sport for the wealthy, but do you think one day that will change and if so how and in what ways?
Im thinking if you make the sport more appealing and affordable, minorities will have the opportunity to excel at the sport. Maybe setup something like the Love15 program only with better and year round coaching. How would you market such a program to get the kids off the basketball courts and onto the tennis courts?


  • KimOmegaKimOmega subscriber Posts: 0
    The reason "advantaged" (as opposed to disadvantaged) kids play tennis is because they grow up in an environment where their parents and peers are focused on expanding their experiences. They`re told to go out into the world and diversify, learn things, try things out to see if they like them.
    More often than not, in poverty environments, people are struggling just to stay alive---to survive. They don`t have time to do "as many" things. That doesn`t mean they can`t pick and choose what it is they`d like to try. A tennis racket isn`t any more expensive than a basketball, and you can string a jumprope between two trees to make a net.

    I`d have to agree with CraigL on this one. I`m not sure it`s really a "problem" that needs to be solved either. If they were interested and being blocked from indulging in that interest, that would be one thing. I think people really just gravitate more to anything sports or otherwise where they see themselves reflected in the players. But anyway, I found some articles you may want to read on minorities and golf/tennis. Maybe they say something different.

  • ProdigyProdigy subscriber Posts: 19
    Kim, nice articles. Craig, I disagree somewhat. Tennis is a sport that is unpopular in the U.S. and that is the main factor why not so many minorities, even majorities for that matter, participate in the sport. Its not a sport for the wealthy but its viewed as such. Look at all the parents who put their kids into tennis academies, their spending thousands of dollars on their kids. Sure you can buy a  racquet for cheap and even teach yourself the basics but I think the main problem is how do you attract these minorities to put down the basketball and pick up a racquet? From a business perspective, how do you persuade a person to make a purchase of something that is different from their used to and how do you achieve this?...
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