What if you have no portfolio of clients?

ProdigyProdigy subscriber Posts: 19
What if your developing a site for your service business and haven`t had any clients yet? Do you skip the clients section in your site...or should you write something like "coming soon." Maybe would it be best to offer your services for free to a few customers to build up your client portfolio?


  • DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    I agree with Craig about the "Coming Soon" notice. And I agree with you Prodigy about giving your service away for free. The quickest way to build a portfolio is to give away free samples of your product or service in exchange for a testimonial. Unfortunately, many marketers are reluctant to take this step, because they feel they can`t afford to give away product. But that is short-sighted thinking. The valuable testimonials you get back in return will more than make up for the few samples you give away.
    Dale King
  • ProdigyProdigy subscriber Posts: 19
    Craig, your right it would look like Im trying to rush putting my site on the web before its even ready. And yes I can just add the clients page later.
    Dale, good point about giving away service in exchange for a valuable testimonial.
    You guys rock!
  • sddreamweaverssddreamweavers subscriber Posts: 5
    What I did when I started out was I created a page of sample sites, images, and whatnot to show what I can do.  It took some time to do but it helped establish my business.
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