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A small group of people and I are planning to create a website jointly promoted by each of us and share in the profits evenly.  There are 5 people including myself. 
My questions are:
1) Are there any 3rd party or independent companies that do profit division management.  In other words, I need someone who is independent from our group to be the only ones authorized by the group to access the account to distribute profits, or make funds available for other uses we jointly agree upon such as advertising expenses.
2) What are the rules/laws around creating an business relationship with others?  Do I need an LLC, partnership, etc?  How is this handled when one of the partners is in Belgium?


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    I work for a Technology Lawyer who specializes in business startups (LLC).  He is located in NJ and offers a FREE 1/2 hour consultation and can give you the answers  to your questions.  If you are interested in talking to him, give me (Lisa) a call at the office.  My number is 908.698.0330 and i will set up a phone consultation for you. His name is Daniel Pepper and you can check out his website @ http://www.informationlaw.com.
    Good Luck!
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