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Please critique my website. I am averaging about 100 hits per day , but my sales are very low.
Kitten aka Linda Faye


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    Linda, I generally defend white on black because my site uses it....  Try a softer looking font before you dump it.  Your artistic style is, shall we say, a bit out there.  That may be the reason for few conversions.  Congratulations on getting a hundred views a day.In the next section, I would change the all upper-case text into a bullet point list.  All caps are hard to read.Craig - Zazzle is similar to Cafe Press where people can rent "storefronts" on their parent site.  I don`t know how much control that Linda has over the HTML code, if any.
  • VideographyVideography subscriber Posts: 401 Silver Level Member
    ... The key is easy
    readability, and not having too many distractions with image borders or

    Linda may want to try this - all of my images have a soft edge on them to blend better into the background.
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    So it`s kind of like a Yelp for movies. I like this model better than I would an actual movie blog, I think. Just stay away from the pitfalls of sites like imdb, which are really comprehensive but can get busy on the eyes after prolonged usage. Granted, I didn`t sign up for your site so I can`t comment 100% on functionality.
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