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Hello from Maryland

vxp97vxp97 subscriber Posts: 2
edited February 2009 in New Member Welcome
Hi everyone. My name is Kirk and have joined Startup Nation after reviewing the wealth of knowledge and advice that is available here. I am new to the entrepreneurial world, but have just completed a prototype for an invention I have. It is in the field of exercise, which I realize is a saturated market, however, my invention is an innovative piece of equipment that I`m confident will revolutionalize this area of exercise. I`m extremely excited about it, and have been testing it out for the last week in my home gym, and it has performed beyond my expectations.
I`m in the process of doing a patent search and acquiring the patent, and am looking forward to valuable advice I can obtain through this forum as I develop my business, and also look forward to providing advice back from the lessons and knowledge I learn along the way !


  • JmesJmes subscriber Posts: 4
    Indeed, what is your marketing strategy?
  • vxp97vxp97 subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Craig...thanks for the welcome. My invention will be primarily marketed to gyms and fitness centers, and could also be sold to home gym based companies, such as Bow-Flew, to be incorporated into their product. My budget, unfortunately, will be limited, so I wanted to get maximum exposure for minimal $. One way, I thought, would be to submit an article, or contact fitness magazines such as Muscle & Fitness or Men`s Health, and have them do an article or interview to showcase the product and it`s innovation. Further information could be obtained through visiting my website, which will be supplied in the article, and which I am working on getting completed. I also plan on creating a color brochure which I will mail to gyms across the country to introduce them to my product, which will include testimonials from gyms I initially "test" my product in. As I said before, I am new to this, but firmly believe in my product, and welcome any advice I can obtain from those such as you on this forum.
  • vxp97vxp97 subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Jmes....my initial strategy is listed per my reply to Craig in the previous post. Due to my limited budget at this time, I`m trying to come up with creative ways to gain exposure with minimal cost. I`m in the infant stages of my endeavor right now, being that I just completed the prototype last week, but am extremely confident in it`s potential to be huge, and just need to fine tune my marketing strategy. I would gladly welcome any advice you may have.
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