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  • David WoodDavid Wood subscriber Posts: 21 Bronze Level Member

    Hy Rudy, there are many sites one of the leading website is bizex where you can sale and purchase businesses at best rates

  • AngelinajoAngelinajo subscriber Posts: 2 Member

    Hey everyone, my business idea is for those who are doing tailoring business, retail business, or clothing manufacturers. Because this pandemic has changed everyone business and their economy. Nowadays, no can go nowhere, it also became like that. so you guys stop worrying about sending your clothes to your customer, and also don't wait for customers to come to your storefront.

    Yes, start uplifting your physical tailoring business online using Custom tailoring Software. Almost there are so many companies are providing tailoring software, also have received a feedback from business persons that it was so helpful,where customers easily addressing their website and online body measurement is also so helpful.

    visit here>> Fit4bond.net

  • Mehwish.YatiMehwish.Yati subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    edited December 2020

    The job at Yard is a strong idea. Get a weed-whacker and a mistress, cast them into a stolen food cart that you have got a stew, boy. It's dirty work, however you can get rid of the gym that's amazing.

    That's what my lawman does. I saw several people just walking up and asked if he should do their lawn next. He's working. Hes have an entire lockdown block and can collect $40/hour comfortably. He probably would do much better if he texted people before time and acknowledged credit or Venmo. He would do much better if he had a truck.

    For a half-year, I used recurring payment system for a small corporate client.

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