What do you think about Net Work Marketing

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I am in a Net Work Marketing company in Texas that changes customers electricity bills over to our company. Does anyone have any suggestions or interests in Net Work Marketing Companies.


  • david1david1 subscriber Posts: 2
    We do Pre-Paid Legal. It does for attorney bills what health insurance does for medical bills. I have been in about 6 different companies, and never even come close to making this kind of money. Last month we took home over $900 working about 3 hours per week. Now I can promise it wasn`t a get-rich-quick scheme for me. Persistence paid off for me due to the fact that I had a great company with uncompromised products. I also sleep very well at night knowing that I have a product that can really change people`s lives. If there is any competition, I have not seen it yet. I look foward to hearing from you soon if you so decide. Good luck in whatever endeavor life leads you. Just remember always work for yourself. http://www.djoyner.com</A> david12006-12-11 22:44:41
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