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Please critique my Website

kimklinekimkline subscriber Posts: 2
edited November 2008 in Website Critique
Hi there,
I have been taking an internet marketing course and have been developing my website.  I would love to hear your feedback.
My Site is www.eraseinterest.com
Thanks so much,
Kim Kline


  • sullivankasullivanka subscriber Posts: 0
    Nice site Kim. The only thing I might do differently is to make the disclaimer much shorter by putting in on two or three lines instead of as a block quote.  You could even change to a smaller font (fineprint).  The reason for this is that you want as much of your site above the fold as possible.  The less scrolling, the better. 
    Other than this, it has great colour, lots of links and even video.  All of those features make for a great site. 
  • kimklinekimkline subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you so much for your input.  I will take it all into consideration.
    I wanted to try to grab a person`s attention at the fist sentence.  I will focus more on the video and move the analysis button up.
    How about getting your analysis run?  Do you have a mortgage and/or debt that you want to payoff? 
    Thanks again,
  • FausFaus subscriber Posts: 2
    I think the advice mentioned above will help you out a lot. I didn`t read any of the critiques before visiting your site. I was very overloaded with information once I saw your site. I really didn`t know what I was getting myself into once the page loaded. I only stayed on your site for < 30 seconds. I was really tired of trying to figure out what you wanted from me and I exited the page. There wasn`t any information that compelled me to act. I am sure it is on the site, but I didn`t want to have to sort through tons of information to know exactly what it is you provide or are looking for me to do. -Faus
  • redfishredfish subscriber Posts: 10
    Kim, you asked about:
    "How about getting your analysis run?  Do you have a mortgage and/or debt that you want to payoff? "
    When writing think "as a customer, why would I want this?"  Write with the benefits in mind.  So a headline might read:
    Looking to reduce your debt?  or Stop wasting money on interest. Get rid of it now!
    Address the benefits of the product and you`ll see an increase in conversions.
    Also, on your main page, you have a header, and then a button that says "free analysis".  Try moving it into a direct call for action.  Such as "start with the free credit analysis by clicking the free analysis button". 
    Your first paragraph is the most important.  If you don`t engage the user, then you`ll lose them.
    You wrote:Presenting United First Financial(R) and the revolutionary, Money Merge Account(R) Pro and Money Merge Account Express.  The Money Merge Account Pro
    is a revolutionary system that has been created to help home owners pay
    off their homes and consumer debt in as little as 1/3 to ½ the
    time, by cancelling thousands of dollars of interest that you would
    usually pay on your mortgage. This
    interest reducing program combines innovative software with banking
    instruments that have been around for decades and gives homeowners the
    tools necessary to achieve the greatest time and interest savings
    imaginable.  The Money Merge Account Express
    is now available for those with only consumer debt.  This program
    works off the same principles, but focuses on getting you out of debt
    quicker to then be in the position to buy your first home.
    You might want to reword it keeping the focus not on the product but on the benefits. It might read:
    If you`re looking to pay down your mortgage and debts faster, United First Financial can help!  Using one of the Money Merge Accounts you can pay your debt down in as little as half the time - saving you literally thousands of dollars in interest!   Join the (many or hundreds) consumers who have already been saving thousands using this innovative software without refinancing their mortgage or changing their spending habits!  Go beyond simply moving to a bi-weekly payment schedule and find out how you can really start saving.
    Then offer the visitor an option.  I would probably put two graphics side by side.  One saying "If you are a homeowner, click here to save thousands on your mortgage" and another that says "If you are a consumer, click here to find out more information" (or something similar).  The reason I would want to use an image is because this is a call to action.  You`re asking the user to do something, so draw their eyes to it.  Using the alt attribute in your image tag will ensure that if they have graphics disabled (or they are using a screen reader) they will still get your message.
    Also, after a call to action, you shouldn`t have much information below it.  Remember, you`ve just asked the visitor to make a selection - either they are a homeowner or a consumer - and then lead them to the information tailored for them.  Also, be direct, short and to the point.  Keep the reader engaged, don`t lose them on the `fluff`.  If you`re going to use the bullet points, use them above (so that the user has quick access to the benefits of the program) and put it in a side-bar next to the copy.  Again, avoid text after the call to action.  You want the user to do something, don`t distract them away from that goal!redfish11/3/2008 8:07 AM
  • kimklinekimkline subscriber Posts: 2
    Thank you so much for your input.  I really appreciate you taking the time.  I will try to put some of your suggestions into play.
  • krakkenseokrakkenseo subscriber Posts: 0
    Hi Kim.
    Have you seen any of the CPA debt offers out there? If not, I would encourage you to join some CPA networks (cpaempire, neverblueads, xy7, primaryads, etc.) and review the landing pages of those offers. They are very focused and have a clear call to action.
    I run CPA debt offers, and they are not hard to convert with the proper landing page.
    Hope this helps.
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