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Doh! I don`t have a Client Portfolio

EdgEventEdgEvent subscriber Posts: 10
edited April 2008 in Public Relations
So I decided to start my event planning company because I love planning events, using my creative skills and really WOWing people. I`ve done events (big and small) since high school as part time jobs, to help friends out or just for fun. But it wasn`t until recently that I realized i could do it as a profession and be successful.  I know without a doubt that I could be great at it.
The problem is I didn`t document any of my past projects. I don`t have pictures of the events, client surveys, or testimonials and in many cases don`t even have current contact info for the people involved to ask for those things. At the time i didn`t see the point because it was just for fun.  But now that i`m trying to build a business, I know I need to show my prospective clients something to show i`m not just some random girl who like to throw house parties.  Especially since I want to break into the corporate event world, companies are often much more discriminating when selecting a planner looking more at costs and prior work than recommendations from acquaintances.
Does anyone have suggestions for ways to build up a portfolio quickly that would appeal to other businesses? I don`t mind starting small and working for pennies or even for free at this point, if i can at least show off some of my talent for it and build my portfolio? I`m open to any ideas.
PS - If any of you SuN folks are in the San Francisco Bay Area and want to throw an event for your business, I`ll gladly offer my services!


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    DaleKingDaleKing subscriber Posts: 141
    Kim, it`s not too late to get testimonials. Just go back to past clients and ask for them. Just make sure you get permission to use any and all testimonials, before releasing them to the public. Good, solid testimonials with will more than hold you over until you build up your portfolio.
    Dale King
    DKing4/4/2008 1:23 PM
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    EdgEventEdgEvent subscriber Posts: 10
    Thanks everyone for their input.  I have already sent requests out to those people for whom I have contact info for a testimonial and copies of pictures if they have them, but thus far I have had no responses. So that`s not very encouraging.
    I`m still working on it.  Would you recommend that i set up like a mock  tablescape or something in the mean time just to get some pictures on my website?
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