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Gift Shop business idea

GregStickerGregSticker subscriber Posts: 2
Hello, my name is Greg and I have this idea to partner with someone who can operate a retail outlet. This would be a gift shop business. I plan on acting as a wholesale supplier. I will supply the merchandise and my partner will run the shop. I am employed as a dishwasher at a hotel in my area. So you can see there, I do not make enough money to actually invest. I know somewhere out there though, is a person who is willing and able to open up a store. I have a business proposal letter that explains exactly what I would like done. Shall I post it here? Or shall I wait for serious people to read this post and respond and ask to read he proposal letter. Then I can send an email to those people who want to read the letter that way. I am registered in the county of my residence with a business name. (DBA) "Come and See."
I will wait for people to read and hopefully respond.
Greg Sticker
 GregSticker2006-9-11 11:55:32


  • GregStickerGregSticker subscriber Posts: 2
    Yes, I realize all of this. As far as what buildings to be leased out, I have scouted out properties in high traffic shopping centers. Not malls with indoor shops, but strip malls I guess you would call them. Shopping centers with outdoor entrances to shops. I have seen a number of vacant spaces. I would go in and inquire as to what the lease rates are and what the dimensions are in the store space. The property with best rates and rental/lease terms would be the one I tell whomever agreed to venture with me and open up a store, about.  Of course utilities are a factor. As well as shelves and racks to acquire, that would figure in to cost of doing business. The common term is overhead right?
    Let`s just say that Mr. Jones tells me that he has an interest in opening up a store. I tell him that the terms of lease at the West End Shopping Center are more flexible and utilities are shared by all renters at this shopping center. Wehereas at the Town and Country shopping center the renters are responsible for lights and phone and other utilities. Rates may be a bit lower for rental though. I leave it up to Mr. Jones which options to  go with. Shelves and racks, and utilities are seen as overhead along with office supplies and then comes merchandise to stock the store with. I will assure my partner the best possible price on items ordered, in order for him to have a good profit. The cost of overhead and utilities and all are really responsibilities of that person who is owner of the store. I am a supplier. I supply merchandise at a fair price and have samples of merchandise for the store owner to inspect. I supply catalogs and circulars and suggest what seasonal items may be good sellers. I provide merchandise set at fair cost in order for my partner to succeed in the business. Profits on whatever is sold is made by the shop owner. He is just that; He has complete control over what he wants to buy from me and he has complete control of prices that he sells the merchandise for. As his business grows, so does orders to me.
    Now, specifically, I would like for him to call his store Come and See. I would provide catalogs with Come and See on the address label. There are specialized brochures also that have a unique name. I would help the store owner promote that particular line. For instance. If the specialized brochure has Oriental home decor, and accessories with an Oriental theme, and it is called Far Eastern Accents, then that would be the promotional campaign. "Come and See has an exclusive line of Oriental home decor in our Oriental Accents line."
    My partner would be the only retailer with that line. Even if someone already has a gift store under a completely different name, I could go in and ask him or her if I could set up a deal to promote products with such a specialized theme.I would make assurances that I would make this an exclusive offer to their store. So that for example Far East Accents would only be able to be bought in that particular store.  I know I am kind of long winded here, but I hope you can see what I am aiming at. Like I said, I can send a more detailed proposal if you wish. I have  personal contact  information in this letter of proposal, so I would rather send it by way of private message.  
  • GregStickerGregSticker subscriber Posts: 2
    For everybody to know:
    I am still looking for someone who would like to start a retail gift shop. If that person has the ability to open up such a shop, I will be glad to be a supplier. I can offer everything from home decor, lawn and garden decor, to tools.
    There is oriental items, religious items, women`s bath and beauty items.
    All this comes from Specialty Merchandise Corporation in California. I am a member, and my plan is to offer whole sale prices. I do have a web site with pictures of a selection of some of the items.
    This is but a very small sample of what SMC offers. They have been in business 50 + years. Items they offer are good. Not second rate. I know, because I have ordered frome them for the past two years. There are plans in the company manual to operate as a wholesale entity, and steps to take in operating a retail store. I just need a partner willing and able to venture with me. That is why I came into this forum. To seek such a partner.
    Also I can offer catalogs and brochures for the store.
    I will send a business proposal via private message to anyone who would like to open up negotiations with me. I am very serious. I know somewhere there is someone who has the money to open the store, and I will be the supplier.
  • mikechongmikechong subscriber Posts: 2
    Hi Greg, I can`t help you with the property part, as I`m not from the US. But I can offer to supply you with products from my own online store ( I sell designer origami roses ) Drop me an email and we can discuss this.
  • GregStickerGregSticker subscriber Posts: 2
    Sounds good. But what is the url for your website?
  • GregStickerGregSticker subscriber Posts: 2
    Boy did I goof. It is in your signature. I usually don`t read sigs I just read the messages posted. I feel real silly now. I will look at the site. My girlfriend sells roses by the way. She use to go to clubs and would do really good. You know? She would sell to male patrons for their wives and girlfriends and all. I don`t know why she quit, she says she just got tired of it. But lately she seems to want to go back into it. GregSticker2006-9-25 0:39:44
  • jasonburtonjasonburton subscriber Posts: 0 Member
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