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Help me RENAME my business

PhoenixSunPhoenixSun subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2007 in Marketing
I am a new member to the forum.  Due to recent negative publicity involving a company with a similar name to mine (different industry entirely) I have decided to change my business name.  This isn`t the sole reason but a good excuse.  I am still a fledgling business who`s name is not entrenched in the local business community yet so I don`t think it will hurt.
My current name is Phoenix Custom Images...could be hair and nails?  could be auto detailing?  could be mural painting?  And therein lies the major problem. No one knows from the name what exactly it is I do. 
I am an Awards and Recognition specialist..I do engraving, awards, donor recognition, custom gifts and promotional products.  Not trophies so much but everything else.
There are 2 companies named Phoenix in my town..me and the "bad guys"  Both of us have somewhat vague names. 
I don`t live anywhere near Arizona..the Phoenix was a symbolic reference to the Greek bird being reborn from the ashes etc.
I have thought of everything from PCI Awards and Engraving (shortened phoenix custom images and added the function) to The Engraveyard (which someone else already came up with)
I do laser engraving so laser could be in there.
My brain is tired of going in circles
Any help would be appreciated
Thanks so much


  • RumpelstiltskinRumpelstiltskin subscriber Posts: 1
    Lasting Impressions/ Eternal Markings/Etch this!/Engraved-4-Ever/laser-n-graver/Talon Engravers of Phoenix/Talons of Phoenix Engravers/Time Scratch Engravers/Scratch This Engravers/Phoenix Sun: Laser Engravers/Etched-in-Time/Material Markings/Material Memories/Then-is-Now: Engravers/Material Reminder: Etching/Light Scratch: Laser Engravers/Put-it-there!: Engravers/Forget Me Not: Engravers/SOS Engravers(Saved On Something)/Eyes Of The Phoenix: Laser Engravers/ Here Gone & Back: Engravers/PPF: Past, Present, Future: Engravers/Gratefully Engraved/StoneTatu: Laser Engravers/Material Tatu: Engravers/The Iron Tatu: Laser Engravers/Draw the Line: Laser Etching 
    Don`t use "Tattoo" It`s confusing. Besides TATU is more cooler`erRumpelstiltskin2007-4-1 9:18:32
  • GrillCharmerGrillCharmer subscriber Posts: 7
    WOW Rumpelstiltskin!  Those are all GREAT!  I`ve only got a few simple ones, nothing that creative, but here`s my 2 cents...."Quality Engravers" or "name of your town Engravers"  (IE Charleston Engravers)  or "Engraving by Becky",
  • PhoenixSunPhoenixSun subscriber Posts: 1
    Thank you Rumplestilskin.  Those are all fantastic
    There are definitely more than a few contenders there....
    I will add them to my list and let you know which one is the winner!
    Thank you
  • MLsidekickMLsidekick subscriber Posts: 0
    I like rumplestilskins ideas- especially the :Lasting Impressions, Material Markings/Material Memories, Gratefully Engraved...and the use of the word Talon, you can still keep the phoenix in your logo. 
    a few other ideas:  Laser Applause / & gifts / & promos.    Laser Strokes, Prestiges Prizes of Phoenix,  over and above awards.  honors and Raves engraving.
    the thesaurus is a great resource..type in a few different words and put them together in different ways.  
    Good Luck
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