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Looking for guests...

JobYouDeserveJobYouDeserve subscriber Posts: 11
edited April 2007 in Selecting a Business
Hello everyone,
I am looking for guests for my upcoming career coaching Internet radio show.  Since everyone here is an entrepreneur at heart, I thought some of you might like to inspire listeners who have been thinking about starting their own businesses.
For more information, go to http://www.coachoftheairwaves.com/?page_id=58</A>.
Talk with you soon,


  • JobYouDeserveJobYouDeserve subscriber Posts: 11
    Hi, Craig!
    Excellent questions.  We`re still waiting on the servers in London, but each show will be one hour.  I broadcast on Sundays at 10:00 p.m. EST.
    I`ve set aside 10 minutes for each guest (one per show), but if there are no callers, we can keep talking.  The rest of the show is live career coaching.  Callers and guests may call in for free using Skype.  I will also have a regular US phone number (please see www.jobyoudeserve.com/jydradio.html</A>).
    There`s no obligation I can think of other than to show up at the previously agreed upon time.    My only agenda is to fill up my hour with information and coaching that will inspire people to look forward to Mondays again.  If you or someone you know can help me do that, I`d love to have you/him/her on my show.
    You`re right about the page taking forever to load...if you have dial-up, forget it!  Let me know if you`re still having trouble...I`ll let COTA know.
  • todaydvdtodaydvd subscriber Posts: 0
    Very Nice! I will listen it!  
  • JobYouDeserveJobYouDeserve subscriber Posts: 11
    Thank you!
    If you don`t mind, please tell your friends, too! 
  • JobYouDeserveJobYouDeserve subscriber Posts: 11
    Hi Craig,
    I agree, the COTA blog is a little hard on the eyes. 
    I know exactly what you mean.  I tried to make a comment on my own page, but it said I had to log in to Wordpress.  I don`t have a Wordpress account, but I suppose I could create one just to be able to post this information.
    I could use a few more guests...see, this is why I`m a member of SuN!
  • JobYouDeserveJobYouDeserve subscriber Posts: 11
    Hi Katherine,
    Do you mean as a small business owner?  I think there are a lot of people out there who would like to start a side business while employed full time.  Would you like to be a guest?
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