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How much do you pay?

WillgWillg subscriber Posts: 2
edited October 2006 in Selecting a Business
After thinking about it, I`ve decided to start an office cleaning business.  The way I figure it all my marketing is really effective because all of the business I get will be repeat business.  My question is how much do you pay to have your office cleaned (assuming someone here has an office they get proffesionally cleaned) and would you be willing to pay more for reliable, friendly and thorough office cleaning that used only environmentally friendly 100% bio-degradable cleaning products? Willg2006-10-26 17:30:59


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    EricEric subscriber Posts: 8
    This is going to sound a bit crude but you could easily find that out by calling houskeeping services (let your fingers do the walking) many also do. Tell them that you don`t have the office yet and you are just budgeting but you would like to know what price you can expect.  Call enough places and you`ll generate a consensus cost that will work for you best because you are finding out what your competition will pay.
    You may want to consider offering the OPTION to use 100% biodegradable cleaning products so the company can list themselves, in at least some small manner, "environmentally conscious" I`m guessing that most will want their office cleaned well for the best price.
    Here`s a question for you. What do you see yourself charging for your service to be happy with it?  I`ve read it around SuN that you should consider where you want to be when it`s all set up and operational and then work your plan backwards. This will help you rule out (or in) methods early on and maybe have you reconsider the entire process.
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