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Hi, guys!
I am a solo entrepreneur, and my small size has been a problem when approaching much larger companies with partnership/cross-promoting ideas.
The problem is that I cannot partner with smaller, local companies because the offer(s) we provide would be of no use to my out of state clients.  Therefore, I must partner with businesses that also do business nationally.
Even though I have tried to promote other aspects of the partnership and acknowledged the fact that one person cannot directly impact the sales of a multimillion dollar company, it seems that all they can focus on is the size of my business!  I`ve heard "Great idea, but if you were a larger company, this would be more mutually beneficial."
I`m just looking for input from others who may have experienced a similar situation.  I may just have to keep trying and/or realize that being a solo entrepreneur can be a huge obstacle. 


  • JobYouDeserveJobYouDeserve subscriber Posts: 11
    Hi Shonika!
    Sorry it took me so long to respond!  You mentioned a lot of great ideas.
    Specifically, I like the online course idea.  I`ve been trying to think of ways to "productize" my services.  A course or book that`s easy to buy from my Web site would be great.  I`m actually working on the book idea right now.
    I`ve also heard about the concept of forming some kind of an alliance with a competitor.  I agree that it could be a wonderful, mutually beneficial idea.
    Thanks a lot for your post!  It`s good to know that I`m not the only one going through this stuff.  Good luck with everything, and I love your Web site! 
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