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JobYouDeserveJobYouDeserve subscriber Posts: 11
Hey guys!
I`m a solo entrepreneur, and I would like to partner with Nordstrom.  This may sound like a lofty goal, but I believe I have a good idea.
Is the director of marketing the best person to speak with?  Does anyone have any advice or words of wisdom?
As always, thanks! 


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    LordEmsworthLordEmsworth subscriber Posts: 0
    Not quite sure what your idea is but I would be extremely careful of presenting anything to Nordstrom (or any other company) without a) having them sign a non-disclosure non-compete agreement and/or b) having your "materials" applied for or protected via patent, trademark or copyright as appropriate.
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    JobYouDeserveJobYouDeserve subscriber Posts: 11
    That thought has crossed my mind.  I can just see it now...two months from now, I`ll read in the paper that my biggest competitor has partnered with them...
    Just kidding.  I talked with someone at Nordstrom today (before I read your post), and she didn`t think it would be a "good match." 
    There are no physical products involved...just my customers being entered into a drawing to receive their products.  I`m still contemplating my next move.  Thanks for your input! 
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    AronAron subscriber Posts: 3
    The NDN is solid advice.

    Maybe you can get in through a back door. Find out who their marketing/
    advertising agency is and contact those people. They are always trying to
    bring new ideas to their clients. I`d still get a NDN though.
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    JobYouDeserveJobYouDeserve subscriber Posts: 11
    The back door is a good idea.  I wonder if Nordstrom, for example, has an ad agency.  I spoke with the event marketing person.
    Maybe it`s just late and I`m tired...but what is a NDN?  Non-Disclosure ________?
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    JobYouDeserveJobYouDeserve subscriber Posts: 11
    Well...the ultimate goal was publicity and more customers for both of us.  The proverbial interview suit can be very expensive, and winners would be able to experience Nordstrom and probably do business with the company in the future.
    Buying gift certificates myself is definitely an option; however, if I did that, I would feel like I`m giving Nordstrom (or another department store) free advertising...especially if I wrote a press release about it.
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    JobYouDeserveJobYouDeserve subscriber Posts: 11
    I agree completely - that`s why I`m revising my approach.
    The phone is clearly a bad choice.  When she thought she knew where I was going with this, she immediately told me that they "don`t do giveaways."  Maybe I should`ve been more aggressive, but I never really got the chance to explain the ultimate goal of my proposal.
    Why Nordstrom?  Because it`s an upscale department store that caters to both men and women.  Fortunately, there are others, and next time I`m going to send something in writing.  This way, the reader will be able to read it at his or her leisure, and no details will be lost.
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    ArtGypsyArtGypsy subscriber Posts: 1
    My suggestion would be to go to your local
    Nordstrom and ask for a PR or marketing person.
    Maybe even someone in your favorite department.
    Start your networking there. Don`t give up!
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    JobYouDeserveJobYouDeserve subscriber Posts: 11
    Thank you for your encouragement.  I talked with the event marketing person at the corporate office.
    Anyway...new plan.  Today I obtained the name and contact info for the president of another retailer.
    Thanks again for your support...I`ll keep you posted.
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