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Shape-A-Cake Clay Website

KateGKateG subscriber Posts: 12
edited February 2008 in Website Critique
Hi all,
I`m new to the site and to the "small business" world.  I am hoping to start up my business in April.  I would like to sell products (e.g., clay and strips) made from edible ingredients that can be used to define a shape of a cake.  There are many more details on my website.
Once I have finished all of the paperwork that goes with starting up a food business, I intend to sell the products online via the website and to local stores.
My website is www.shapeacakeclay.com.  I designed it myself and have been working on it for the past month or two.  My weekend project is to incorporate frames into the site, so that the left-hand menu bar doesn`t move as you scroll down the page.
I`d appreciate any advice that you have, including any ways to improve my rankings on searches, any possible compatibility issues, and your general impression of the site/products.
Thanks in advance for your help!


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    RCubedJewelryRCubedJewelry subscriber Posts: 3
    First of all, I think it`s a fabulous idea! That said, I would strongly recommend making a distinction between the edible clay and the shaping clay. I really wouldn`t want to eat anything named "clay" so you should consider changing the name of the sweetened, frosting stuff.
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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    If you mean Iframes, don`t. They inhibit search engine spiders from crawling your site; it would effectively kill your pages being followed and indexed. Also, your menu needs a link back to your main page. If you don`t want scrolling, or less of it, you can make your fonts and images smaller, or place less content on the pages and move some content to additional pages.Place your css into an external file and import it.Some pages have a DOCTYPE and opening html tags, some don`t. Your meta keywords are much too long. Add alt tags and maybe some descriptions to your images.The dark reddish text on the goldish background is not really easy to read, and the main font, in my opinion, could be livened up. You have a creative unique product, so let your site reflect that. I think a better laid out site would be helpful.
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    KateGKateG subscriber Posts: 12
    Thanks for all of the replies and supportive comments!

    RCubedJewelry - I will think about another name for at least the decorating clay (as it`s really the only one I`d eat in significant quantities).

    Webline - Thanks for the advice re: Iframes.  Good to know - I won`t add Iframes.  And I`ll add the link to my home page.
    What do you mean "Place your css into an external file and import it"?
    What`s the consequence of long meta keywords?  I will add the alt tags and image descriptions.
    I`ll think about the font color/layout and see if I can come up w/ something better.

    Craig - there are 3 products:
    1) Yes, you`re correct.  The clay forms a mold, cake batter is poured into the "mold" and the cake has that shape.
    2) Strips are bent to form essentially "walls of a cake pan".  So the top of the cake is flat, but the strips define the perimeter of the cake.
    3) Decorating clay has a consistency like playdough.  Use it like playdough - making decorative shapes, but then put it on top of your cake.
    Why are there copywriting and photography issues?  I made the cakes and took the pictures.
    Thanks again,
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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
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    Webline2008-2-22 16:24:18
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    GreggoryGreggory subscriber Posts: 1
    Interesting site, cool idea!
    Three suggestions:

    Bullet points- you have about 5 seconds or less to get your point across

    Bullet points- the paragraph text runs together

    Bullet points- It would improve the look of your site

    Greggory2/24/2008 9:45 PM
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    KateGKateG subscriber Posts: 12
    Again - thanks for your reviews.
    Craig - what would you estimate that the marketing investment that you describe would cost?
    Webline - thanks.  I`ll narrow down the keywords.
    Greggory - thanks.  I`ll look for opportunities to incorporate the bullet points.
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