printing labels and labels for tapered containers

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I am currently looking into labels and packaging.  I would love advice regarding the following two points:

I will be selling products in standup pouches and plastic 8-oz and 32-oz containers.  I am looking for labels that are full color, 6x9 inches (for the pouch), round w/ 4-inch diameter (for the lids of the containers), and of undetermined sizes for the front and back of the 32 -oz container.
- What can I expect to pay?  I have been advised that I should get labels printed instead of printing them myself.  However, most places seem to be charging an arm and a leg.  I got some quotes for the 6x9 label and the vast majority were over 50 cents a piece.  This is way to much for me, as I want my product to be relatively inexpensive.  I`m in contact with one local place that might be able to do it cheaper.  Any advice about where to find a place that will print relatively small quantities of labels cheaply would be appreciated.

- The containers are slightly tapered, which makes the labeling really tricky.  I think for the 8-oz container, I might only use a label for the lid, but I need instructions for the 32-oz, so somehow I need to get the labels on the sides of the containers. Currently, my best idea is to just use smaller labels that I would have otherwise for the front and back of the container and hope that it`s not too obvious that it doesn`t line up well with the bottom/top of the container.  Any other advice??


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