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keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
edited January 2007 in Thought Leadership
Reading is FUN. I know you have heard that line before. It is true.
Reading is a great and easy way for entreprenuers to learn. There are many, many books available to us that can guide us and teach us. Don`t get caught up in the critique of the book ... just read.
I know ... the common response is ... "I don`t have time to read a book." WRONG.
Did you know that the average book is between 250 - 300 pages? If you read JUST 10-12 pages per night, you can read a book per month. Think about that ... that`s 12 books a year.
What could you learn by reading 12 new books a year? Just 10-12 pages a night. That`s all the effort it takes. You CAN do it.
Life ain`t brain surgery. Owning your own business isn`t brain surgery either. Continuing your education through reading is actually easy. Just make the commitment to do it.
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  • Innovator7Innovator7 subscriber Posts: 9
    Many people nowaday surf the net for hours, including myself.  I`m a speed reader but I still spend hours reading.  It`s addicting.I`m not so sure about books being beneficial as active search in internet. I don`t watch TV anymore. I recommend BrusselsJournal.com for news you don`t see in US newspapers or TV.  I post comments there at times.
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