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Web Collaboration Software Suggestions

Amores233Amores233 subscriber Posts: 1
Hey guys,
I`m new to the community, not sure if it has been talked about yet, but just had a few questions on web-collaboration software. I run a small business and I`m looking for some type of IT infrastructure. Shared calendering, instant messaging, database, webmail, portals, etc. But it must be affordable, I`ve looked into salesforce.com, however they are charging close to 70$ per user. I`ve also looked at "sugarcrm", and used the free edition, which wasn`t enough, and again, the enterprise version is over my budget. The software may but does not have to include a CRM application, but if the price is right, i wouldn`t mind using it.
Does anyone have any suggestions?
I would appreciate the feedback.


  • BizPaymentsBizPayments subscriber Posts: 0
    You may also want to check out Base Camp - www.basecamphq.com.
    I`ve seen that used really well in small & large organizations.
  • Amores233Amores233 subscriber Posts: 1
    Hey Sheryl,
    Appreciate the feedback. I looked at Zoho and signed up for an account but had questions about access control for sharing among my employees. We are a small company but still need to be able to partition files, schedules, etc. within the office. I could not easily see how this could be done with their service so I contacted them and did not get a quick response. I`m aware that this product is created and supported from India, which is not good for me, i need local/ US support. This is very important to our small company as well is I`m sure most companies in the US. But we`ll give them another try.
    While searching I was intrigued by two other companies, intranet connection and streetsmart by Infostreet.com. Both have integrated tools, US base support, low cost, and is private labeled with my company logo, look, etc. I`m new to online software as are my employees, so i need to select something that is easy to use, friendly, won`t confuse people, and of course good support.
    Thanks for the comment, regarding the other post on basecamp, but it`s primarily calender and tasks, and i need more than that.
  • RosannaTusseyRosannaTussey subscriber Posts: 4
    Try AppShore


    It is very similar to SalesForce -- and just a fraction of the cost.  I have used both SalesForce and AppShore, and to be quite honest, I like AppShore`s interface just a little bit better.  
    Let me know if this is what you`re looking for.  If not, I`d happy to do a quick bit of research and see if I can suggest a viable alternative.
    RosannaTussey4/16/2008 3:28 PM
  • stonesledgestonesledge subscriber Posts: 608 Silver Level Member
    Hi! We have been having great success with central desktop. It is reasonable in pricing. My associate brought to my attention a new site, which I believe is free at www.dimdim.com. I hope you find what you need:)
  • tinnekatinneka subscriber Posts: 1

    I agree with RabbitMountain where Google Apps are concerned. I personally use Google Apps for Domains. It allows me to collaborate both with cooperation partners (e.g. for article/presentation writing), as well as share documents with coaching clients. Because I am able to control which document is shared with whom, I can also ensure confidentiality. Although I also have an account at zoho.com, I haven`t been quite as happy with their collaboration possibilities (though - otherwise - I really like it).
  • AnilPrajapatiAnilPrajapati subscriber Posts: 0
    Explore cyn.in an open source group collaboration software for the enterprise. Startups can go for cyn.in saas version.
  • ethanonwebethanonweb subscriber Posts: 0
  • saravanansaravanan subscriber Posts: 389 Silver Level Member
    Trello has an intriguing interface that resembles solitaire (you can even drag task cards across columns, just like you would playing cards). It’s easy to learn and works well for monitoring projects and assigning tasks. Trello also makes using Agile, Scrum and other project management frameworks easy.
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