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Marketing Magic

keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
edited May 2006 in Marketing
The team behind Startup Nation makes available a wealth of great written information here on the site. If you don`t use the "Search" feature on a regular basis, you`re missing one of the biggest advantages of SuN. Make it a habit.
Being a research hound and always seeking more info - especially on the subject of marketing - I ran across an article today I wish to share. It is written by William A. Engler, senior vice-president of strategy for BrandLogic (www.brandlogic.com</A>).
Engler is obviously a P.T. Barnum fan (so am I) and this article talks about Marketing Magic. Very well-written and a lot to chew on. You might get the feel while reading it that it is more geared to corporate marketeers but his words hold true no matter what size your business.
Teaser (the meaning behind MAGIC - a full description in the article):
Meaning: What is it that you really want to share with others?
Accident: Great accidents are by design.
Guts: Your strongest marketing muscle is your gut, and it needs regular exercise.
Insight: Look beyond the words and numbers for the insight few people ever uncover.
Creativity: Creativity comes with age.
Check it out here: http://www.marketingprofs.com/6/engler1.asp</A>
Hope you enjoy.


  • DavidDavid subscriber Posts: 3
    It is a sad counterpoint to the article that Barnum`s beloved circus was unable to innovate itself as the 20th Century went on and wound up merging with Ringling Brothers.   But one thing Barnum did do right was visibility.  He made sure people knew when the trains carrying the elephants and acrobats were coming into town.   Any vehicle affiliated with his circus was slathered with a huge multi-color advertisement, a technique that few others used and Barnum exceled in.  Anyone reading this who grew up in the 50`s or earlier can remember the parallel between Barnum`s posters and movie posters.  It`s no coincidence.Pure word-of-mouth was able to spread as he visited towns where residents who had never even seen a circus elephant would definitely tell their family and friends.  That visibility coupled with the mobility of the circus kept it going for decades against the "newfangled" forms of entertainment in his day such as radio and motion pictures. 
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