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keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
edited April 2006 in Marketing
I`m a big believer in creating customer evangelists - word of mouth advertising. Check out this site for:
They have a great book and they are involved with the recent best seller "The Big Moo" - good reading for any business - startup or established - IMHO.


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    typo57typo57 subscriber Posts: 0
    Would The Big Moo pertain to small (tiny) gift stores that need to start small but grow at a management speed?  Thanks for the link and your help.
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    VickiJVickiJ subscriber Posts: 6
    Do you have any idea where the name The Big Moo came from? As a farm girl, I`m fascinated.
    Word of mouth advertising is the kind I`m looking for. I`ll have to read the book. Thanks, Keycon.
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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    The main author also wrote The Purple Cow - so I guess the natural progession was The Big Moo. Both are good. I couldn`t remember where the name came from but I believe it told in the book. I don`t have my copy - out on loan. But see below.
    This quote straight from a description of the book at Amazon:

    "Godin derived the title for this engaging anthology of business homiletics from his marketing manifesto Purple Cow, which extolled the importance of garish new products that grab customers` attention."
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    starpointestarpointe subscriber Posts: 2
    I would also highly recommend Discovering the Soul of Service by Leonard L. Berry.  It is worth its weight in gold for any service oriented company.
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    BardStuffBardStuff subscriber Posts: 7
    Found with a bit of googling.  Interesting, really, when you consider Seth Godin`s approach is to extol the benefits of purple cows, and yet the original punch line is "i`d rather see than be one".A Purple Cow
    By Mr. Gelett Burgess
    I never saw a Purple Cow,
    I never hope to see one;
    But I can tell you, anyhow,
    I`d rather see than be one.
    BardStuff2006-4-18 14:40:50
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