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InflatableMadnessInflatableMadness subscriber Posts: 7
edited December 2007 in Website Critique
Site was launched a month ago - pleae give me your thoughts.



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    rusmanrusman subscriber Posts: 7
    Looks nice.
    First thing that jumped at me was the right side of the screen was empty. Might just be my resolution though, but it`s not very high IMO at 1024x768.
    I like the "Lynn will receive $108.53 in cash" that`s a nice feature. It`s the "hey, I want my name in lights too" thing. I also like the retro Atari joystick for the game logo =).

    Suggestion, for movies, force customers to pick Widescreen or Full Screen and have that show up in the short description/title on the right and also as a field in the specs on the movie. I despise Full Screen, myself and would be unhappy if I bought one.
    Make your logo larger =).
    After digging a bit deeper into the site, I was a bit confused by the `sell` and `buy` columns. I guess after you used the site, it would probably be clear, but it seemed confusing at first glance and not really investigating the entire site or FAQ.
    If you don`t already have it, add the option to email someone that when you are no longer overstocked on an item and are looking to buy more.
    Overall, I like the idea, and I like the site design. Seems intuitive and color coding is easy to follow, though you might want to check to see how that looks to color blind people.
    I hope that helps.
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    InflatableMadnessInflatableMadness subscriber Posts: 7
    Jennifer,  excellent thoughts - I hadn`t considered the trust issue.
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