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What do you think of BigCrumbs.com?

InflatableMadnessInflatableMadness subscriber Posts: 7
edited January 2009 in Marketing
Hi guys,
I`m constantly searching for ways to enhance my Ebay business -  I came across this website called BigCrumbs.com.  It caught my attention because it`s a referral/shopping rebate site -  so you get cash back when you shop, and you can use it as a referral program.   In Ebay`s case, they give the seller a referral credit and the buyer a rebate - that`s a win win in my book.
They have over 200 other major retailers signed up -  Wal Mart, Target, Best Buy, etc.
I`d like to solicit some comments about the service and how we can best use it in our Ebay business.
Go here to check it out: 
Looking forward to your comments!


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    YoungWealthMarketingYoungWealthMarketing subscriber Posts: 0
    I think it is a site similar to a few others i have seen out there and from what I can see they seem to appeal to a select type of person and not the broad majority. Awesome concept and I hope to see it succeed.Brock Keenwww.youngwealthmarketing.com
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    herbgoddessherbgoddess subscriber Posts: 0
    I`d like to add my two-cents.  I`m an eBay seller and buyer and I have found Big Crumbs to be wonderful!   As a buyer, of course, I`m enjoying my rebates, but as a seller it`s very interesting.  I refer my customers to BigCrumbs to sign up before purchasing from me.  I not only make my sale, but I get a commission on that sale and they get a rebate too.  It`s certainly a win-win situation all around. 
    Also, if you sign up using my referral, I would be happy to send you the wording from my BigCrumb marketing emails I send to my past customers and my past sellers for you to use. They have been pretty successful.   Just send me a message and I`ll get that over to you.
    Good luck!
    Lisahttp://www.bigcrumbs.com/crumbs/frontpa ... erbgoddess</A>
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    InflatableMadnessInflatableMadness subscriber Posts: 7
    Hey Lisa,  BigCrumbs is an interesting concept to me as well - we`ve added referral links to our promotions with our customers and I`m hoping to contact the CEO with a few ideas I have.
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    rainmanesqrainmanesq subscriber Posts: 0
    i think bigcrumbs is great.  i`ve been getting a lot of new referrals and offer customers a freebie for signing up under me- free shipipping, lowend game used card, etc.  has worked wonders and love watching it grow.
    http://www.bigcrumbs.com/crumbs/frontpa ... rainmanesq</A>
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    movievalleymovievalley subscriber Posts: 0
    I`ve been using BigCrumbs.com for a while now and it`s wonderful!A great way to earn a little extra each month!http://www.bigcrumbs.com/crumbs/frontpa ... afeliciano
    movievalley2007-4-3 12:16:17
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    cooldealznowcooldealznow subscriber Posts: 0
    First off, let me say BigCrumbs is great -- they credit me quickly and I`ve made almost $15 in my first month, just promoting to my Ebay customers.  This is great!
    Someone asked if Ebay lets you add a link in your auctions.  Unfortuanately they don`t  and they`ve even cancelled an auction when I tried it.   However, I get most of my signups by people reading about Bigcrumbs in my email singature file when I send invoices, follow-up emails, thank-yous, etc.   
    I also offer people an incentive for signing up under me and using Bigcrumbs.  When I see someone under me has a lot of referrals, I through some of my new referrals into their account, to help them make more money.   I figure this is win-win for both of us since it encourages them to be more active on BC.
    http://www.bigcrumbs.com/crumbs/frontpa ... oldealznow</A>
     cooldealznow2007-7-28 11:6:21
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    hellojimmyhellojimmy subscriber Posts: 0
    BigCrumbs is the greatest thing to have happen since mypoints. I have made
    $80 so far. You can`t lose with BC. There is no point in being a skeptic on
    this one. I use BC alot when ordering from drugstore.com too and its
    awesome. I`ll get like $6 back on a $100 order as a crumbearner so imagine
    as a crumbsaver. It`s sweet.
    Check it out.
    http://www.bigcrumbs.com/crumbs/frontpa ... hellojimmyhellojimmy2007-8-4 2:6:46
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    FreddytheFoxFreddytheFox subscriber Posts: 0
    Some advice for all those who want to start up with Bigcrumbs. You won`t get rich over night, and if you do want to get rich, its not that hard, but you have to be creative.
    For example create a domain or more preferably, and forward the link (free with dreamhost.com) to your bigcrumbs referral link. For example this is mine:
    Then start advertising that everywhere.
    You can get domains anywhere, or get 3 Free Domain Registrations for Life using code: 3FREE at ww.dreamhost.com
    For More money making ideas, (with no start up costs) view my profile or email me.
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    rhino850rhino850 subscriber Posts: 0
    http://www.bigcrumbs.com/crumbs/frontpa ... r=rhino850

    have been using the site for almost a year. 124 referals, always looking
    more! Please join using my referal! I have earned close to $400 in the past
    year, not a huge amount, but every little bit helps. Also you will prob.
    off slow, but stay with it!!!

    Here`s my link-

    http://www.bigcrumbs.com/crumbs/frontpa ... r=rhino850rhino8502007-8-13 13:59:19
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    KarambaStarKarambaStar subscriber Posts: 0
    Hey GrannySuze, I too am getting that "Domain Expired" message. I`m sure the site will be back up shortly:) I`m going to try and get in contact with Vince.
    BigCrumbs is DEFINITELY legit, I`ve been paid over $70 with more coming... others have been paid much more.KarambaStar12/21/2007 8:13 AM
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    kurtzlkurtzl subscriber Posts: 0
    I am new to Bigcrumbs.com - I just received my first payment and was looking forward to my next one.  I also noticed the domain expired message and am hoping it will be fixed quickly!! 
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    smitlarsmitlar subscriber Posts: 0
    I believe that Big Crumbs and the other rebate guys are marketing a PYRAMID scheme, because there will be a saturation point.  Not only that, but they are converting existing ebay buyers who will not be increasing ebay`s business.  Ebay is losing money every time an ebay cusomer is converted to Big Crumbs.  And there is only so much to go around before the saturation level is reached.  I think it is a GET RICH QUICK SCHEME.
    I can`t see where these folks are producing anything for the money they are making, unless they are somehow increasing ebay`s sales.  So I guess you could say I am sceptical.
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    smitlarsmitlar subscriber Posts: 0
    Ebay is performing a service, a place for buyer to meet seller, and Ebay deserves the fees that come from the seller when they sell their product.  It feels like we are cheating Ebay out of their profits, like some sellers do by inflating their shipping charge and reducing the price.  I want Ebay to stay in business, so I don`t like to see them cheated.
    This also feels like a "kick back".  Like a purchasing agent who awards contracts to suppliers with the largest bribes.  The greedy purchasing agent is hurting the company, maybe hurting product quality, and probably hurting the consumer in the long run.
    You rarely get someting for nothing, so think about who is getting hurt is this transaction.  After you pay Ebay, it is no longer your money that you are getting back.  It is Ebay`s money, and Big Crumbs is getting some of it.
    Ebay is paying Big Crumbs to find new business for them, not convert old business.
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    kurtzlkurtzl subscriber Posts: 0
    eBay had to choose to use Big Crumbs - Big Crumbs doesn`t just provide a link to anyone they choose.  eBay, like a lot of other companies, have marketing budgets and use these types of things for write-offs - they must have thought Big Crumbs was a good one to go with . . .
    I personally thinks Big Crumbs is great - so far, they have done everything they said they would do.
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    toppixautographstoppixautographs subscriber Posts: 0
    Good news - Big Crumbs is now open to residents of Australia, Canada, Ireland and the UK.
    Check out Big Crumbs.


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