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Do Follow Blogs for Effective SEO

kespinoza75kespinoza75 subscriber Posts: 1 Member

Getting links to your site(backlinks) is proven to be one of the most important factors that determines your website's rankings on search engines.
There are many different ways to get the backlinks, and one of the simplest yet very effective way is to leave comments at other people's blog posts.
Blog commenting is very effective because it takes relatively short amount of time to build each link.Also, it is practically an unlimited source of backlinks; you will never run out of blogs you can comment on.
You can start by finding a blog which preferably has lots of relevant contents to your keywords. You should make sure that you are allowed to leave a comment on these blogs along with a link to your website. Also make sure that these links you can put are "do follow" links, because some of these blogs will set all the links from the comments to be "no follow" in order to avoid the links spams.
Once you find a good blog, it's important to actually read the content of the post, understand it, and add an insightful comment, which adds value to the original content.

If you do not follow the above, chances are your time invested will be wasted, because these moderators of the blog will delete your comment or even report it as spam.
You can add the link to your website when leaving the comment, and often it's a good idea to use the keyword phrase as your name, so that it will appear as an anchor text for your link. To save you some time, I am listing a list of blogs that allow you to leave comments with do follow links. All these blogs have main page PR 4 or higher
http://piced.org/ http://www.ncfa.ie/ http://www.jamessenior.com/ http://www.estrategiaynegocios.net http://www.mbaxchange.com/ http://www.chrysasys.com/ http://blogs.hibernatingrhinos.com/ http://www.dtitrader.com http://bahatiracing.com/ http://blog.astorcenternyc.com/ http://blog.compassintelligence.com/ http://blog.genuineinteractive.com/ http://blog.nyctrip.com/ http://blog.renoisartown.com/
Feel free to add more to the list


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