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new use for existing product



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    BaudDaleckiBaudDalecki subscriber Posts: 0
    I have a question along the same lines as in this discussion. I use a product that there is only one in the market and sold only through the products web site and a mail order magazine which it took many web searches to find it. This product is fantastic because to buy it which other than this one would be a  comercial version at around 10K minimum. I know a different way of marketing it and with this product my products will compliment it. What I need to know is how do I locate someone just by their LLC infomation? How do I know the address on the LLC is a valid address. How can I find out how much circulation or average dollar amount a product makes from being in a magazine or mail order? I would like this guy to alow me to use a different name on his product and pay him a percentage for letting me use his product. Any information on how I could go about doing this I would appreciate it. I tried to look this guy  by name in public records but in his state it is not available online.
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    patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    the LLC info should be on file with the secretary of state where the LLC was formed.
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    PrincessaPrincessa subscriber Posts: 0
    I know someone who owns a  manufacturing company.  Many different people ship in the product that they want packaged and put their name on it.  There are many people that package the same product and they all use their own name.  The product comes in  as bulk, 187,000 to 200,000 tons and it comes out in  packages as the end product.    The company that does the packaging takes the product and repackages it for whoever wants to pay to have it repackaged.  Many different companies pay to have the product brought in and packaged.  If you found out where you could buy this product from in bulk.   You could buy it from the people who make it and then you could have it repackaged yourself or they might want to repackage it for you.  Some of these companies that deal in solvants and cleaners and chemicals are so big and make so much money they probably won`t care if you take their product and repackage it.  Also if you find someone who manufactures this product you could call them and they will probably have a list of the products that you are looking for and similar products.  At the library you can ask the librarian to help you do a company search and you can go online and find out anything you want to know about companies, ie, their suppliers & packagers & manufacturers and etc. to help you out. 
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    artmatartmat subscriber Posts: 0
    I wish you all the luck getting your idea going.  I  too have a similar idea of taking an existing product making a few shnages and marketing as a new product.  Did you get any answeres to your questions?
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    randybrandyb subscriber Posts: 0
    I`m new to the forum and just read this thread.  I think the discussion here is about relabelling rights.  This occurs when a new use, or market,  is found for a product and the rights for that use, or for that market, are licensed.
    For example, Company "A" manufactures an additive for a home heating oil that burns with greater efficiency.  Company "B" discovers that the additive is also applicable to diesel fuel and wants to market the product to the automotive industry.  Company "B" would then approach "A" for the relabelling or market rights to distribute the product to the automotive industry.
    For example, Company "C" manufactures a cleaning product based on a derivative from orange peels.  Company "C" actually licenses the derivative from Company "D" who owns the patent.  Company "E" markets leather products and desires to relabel the "orange peel" cleaner as a "leather cleaner".  Company "E" would then obtain the rights to do so from either/or Companies "C" and "D" depending on the licensing arrangements.
    These licensing arrangements for new uses and relabeling are quite common, in fact, sometimes you will purchase the same product but under various labels.
    Crazy glue is a good example of a product that had other uses.  It is used in health care as well as forensics crazy invention.
    randyb2/25/2008 9:58 AM
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