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Need help With sales/ finding clients....

kenmc90kenmc90 subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2009 in Sales

hello, my names kenny. I need help finding out different ways to find clients to sell websites to. I`v done a few local door-to-door tries. and a few phone book calls. is this really how sales work? this slow? by the way. If you havent noticed by now im really new to this. and really young. some please help with advise.


  • BreakouttoolsBreakouttools subscriber Posts: 1
    I think the key point you made above is A FEW. Sales is a numbers game. You will need to talk to as many people as possible to drive you sales. Just remember every NO you get will bring you closer to a YES. Another element is why should someone by from you. What is your value proposition. Do you have some examples of your work that you can show someone at an instant. What is your turnaround time. You should think about all the great reasons someone would want to buy from you before you approach them. That should give you more confidence when you talk to people and they will feel good in turn about talking to you.
     Have you tried to generate sales through the web. Since you are selling websites many people go to search engines to find services they need. A cheap way to garner this traffic is to SEO your website so people can find you.
    Best of luck!

    I have successfully sold websites for 5 years. To answer your questions kenmc90:

     "is this really how sales work? this slow?"

    The answer is YES that is how sales really works.


    "I`v done a few local door-to-door tries. and a few phone book calls."

    So have I. I bet no one bought from you.


    Even as a young person with no background in sales who is beginning his website design business you should be able to have sold a couple of websites from those calls and door-to-door visits. I would know I would have been able to sell at least a couple for you in your current situation if you had your own website finished.


    However, you are too high of a risk. You come across as lazy, irresponsible and unskilled when you do not have your own website fully designed and functioning.  Why would anyone spend money investing in you as a person, which is exactly what you are asking them to do, when you do not even take care of your own business? The people who have the ability to pay will if they can trust you, and any responsible business adult will view you as not trustworthy because of this.

    SALESCONSULTANT2/13/2009 4:27 PM
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