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Hone-based business strategy

StartUpCoachFLStartUpCoachFL subscriber Posts: 8
edited November 2011 in Home-Based Businesses
I began my home based business a long time ago and I have not needed a job since. The ability to operate a home based business is a great way to get started and to operate long term if you have the discipline to get out of the house. You cannot do well staying in the house all day long on the Internet without getting out and doing business with " real live " people. There is only so much that can be done online as much of the actual com mere is done in the real world.
There are two sides to home-based business As I describe in my book Start From Where You Are. First you must spend the time and some money getting your home to be functional as a place of work including an office with proper supplies. Secondly the home must be the place of production, assembly and shipping of products. Even if you are a consultant, like I am the office is the epicenter of your money machine.
Second is the need to meet other people who either need or may want your producst or services. Internet relationships may represent the bulk of your current business but interacting with potential customers or clients is essential.
The home and the computer are essential to the business that I create in Start From Where You Are call www.icannotaffordfirstclass.com which is the recepie for a home based business

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