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Occupy Wallstreet Provides Business Opportunities

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Occupy Wall Street Offers Opportunities
by Ken Esrig

Every situation can result in an opportunity for someone. The current movement, Occupy Wall Street has demonstrated the frustrations of the world wide population. People around the globe are taking to the streets and declaring that they want a change in the way our monetary system works.

There are people in multiple cities that are spending their time complaining about the lack of jobs and opportunities for entrepreneurs. Those same people have created jobs for the clever and aggressive entrepreneurs in each city. The basis for a new business the fulfillment of a need.

The demonstrators need everything, water, drinks, food, slogans, tee shirts, coolers, chairs, bathrooms and so forth. The act of mobilizing people into one location that i snot set up for the crowds that occupy them should send off alerts for local businesses and entrepreneurs. They have created a demand for products and services and there should be a rapid response from those who see the need and can respond even if the government has no idea what to do next.

This is how the world has always been and always will be. Entrepreneurs should pay close attention to their surroundings and look for a chance to sell a product or service to fill the need. While all of the demonstrators stand in a park or in front of a building, they must be getting water, food and ultimately will require a restroom.

Who was waiting for this phenomenon to occur? No one anticipated the demand on public services or where or when this would occur. Local businesses may meet some of the needs but new entrepreneurs can start a business by simply buying some supplies and going to the demonstrations in their city.

If they are clever enough, and determined enough, they will establish customers, develop a routine for delivery and grow, baby grow. This is a chance for any entrepreneur to take a large cluster of potential customers and turn it into a business for the present and eventually the future. If you are looking for a chance to make some money and start a business, this just might be the start of your business plan.
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