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New Here - Trying to find the right biz for me

biz4mebiz4me subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2007 in Selecting a Business
Hi,  I just found this site today.  I have left the financial biz (mortgage - for obvious reasons). I know that I enjoy dealing with people.  I love knowing I am doing something to help them.  I have decided to start my own business.  With over 7 years of sales experience I want a business that I can still have that connection with clients. I have gone back and forth on 2 different businesses.  The first is insurance.  This is very close to the things that I really liked about the mortgage biz....I am just wondering if the insurance industry is going to be, or is as stagnant as the mortgage biz.  The other biz is healthcare recruiting.  I was drawn to this because I could still work with the public, in the healthcare industry - which we know is an industry that is in need.  I have done my due diligence, and like them both.  At this point I am looking for opinions. 
Thanks! biz4me2007-2-5 20:14:20


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    keyconkeycon subscriber Posts: 34
    When you say health care recruiting, do you mean finding people to be trained to fill health care positions or finding already trained professionals to fill current vacant positions?
    It is my understanding that there is a very critical shortage of health care workers in America. Many stats can be found on the DOL and BLS government sites to back this up. Not long ago, they were predicting one million new job openings for registered nurses by 2010.
    In my view, I don`t see a huge need for recruiters in a field where the industry is begging for people. In other words, any one in health care can find a job pretty easy without a recruiter. I`m in Atlanta and GA and the shortage is serious here. I know lots of people in health care and they are naming their price right now.
    The other problem we have in GA and I suspect it is true in other states is that we have lots of people wanting to get into the health care industry but there are just not enough schools to train all who want in. The school waiting lists are years long. And this is part of the problem. Not enough schools. Can`t fill the pipeline fast enough. Sort of like the gasoline problem. We have raw materials, just not enough refiniries today because no one built them 20-30 years ago and now the costs to do so are astromonical. NIMBY (another story for another day).
    Maybe I`m missing something on this recruiting idea and I am wrong ... I am often. Help me understand the facts as you see them.
    R@keycon2007-2-5 21:40:6
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