SEO and Outsourcing for New Business Owners??

kworks26kworks26 subscriber Posts: 1
My Fiance and I just started our own business. His background is primarily in networking and computer/electronics repair, my background is in marketing. We have successfully built our website and are ready to roll, but we have different opinions on SEO and Outsourcing.
SEO - I have found a company called that specializes in improving your website ranking results in search engine results as well as improves your website traffic. I have heard great reviews about this company, especially their package pricing. Has anyone tried this company before and what were your results?
Outsourcing - My Fiance wants to utilize this but I have this mentality that if I want it done right, I have to do it myself. I don't like the idea of someone who is thousands of miles away that I never get to meet and does not speak my language, can have some sort of control in my business. Has anyone used outsourcing and how did it turn out?
Any help or advice from other small business owners who have successfully promoted their business both locally and on-line, would be greatly appreciated.
Thank you and good luck to everyone this year....may it be a prosperous 2012!


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