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New icard website

WilloTheWispWilloTheWisp subscriber Posts: 1
edited December 2008 in Website Critique
My colleagues and I have recently launched our new website, www.muchlovedpeople.com
The site is a new service to enable registered users to create and send `iCards` - on-line greetings cards with exclusive designs. We hope they differ sufficiently from the occasionally tacky animated eCards which have become popular on the internet, because our designs are unique and (we hope) attractive and not at all tacky!
We also have a range of exclusive songs which can be attached to our iCards, and these songs can be personalised with the recipient`s name. We have a number of `birthday` songs and currently one `christmas` song, all of which can be personalised.
We`d really appreciate a critique of the website as it is now. We`ll be developing the next phase of the site after Christmas, so any comments will be taken into consideration.
Thanks in advance,
WilloWilloTheWisp12/3/2008 7:16 AM


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    WeblineWebline subscriber Posts: 13 Bronze Level Member
    Visually, I prefer simpler looks, which this has .... it isn`t cluttered, and doesn`t look like an explosion in a paint factory .... at the same time, greeting cards instantly, for whatever reason, make me think of lots of colors and imagery, where your site doesn`t really have that .... so to me the look is a bit up a toss up ... clean and neat, but almost too clean and neat for what it is .... again, that`s just a personal look at it.
    I`m not sure what "environmentally friendly" cards means ... the fact that they aren`t paper?
    On the home page, it looks like your currency is in British pounds .... I`m in the US, and not sure how the conversion works, or what type of payment system you provide to handle it, so maybe a bit of info on that would be helpful.
    All in all I think it`s a very neat concept, and the best of luck to you.
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    WilloTheWispWilloTheWisp subscriber Posts: 1
    Hi Webline,
    Thanks for your reply and encouraging comments. With regards to our design, we actually had a much more `busy` design a couple of weeks ago, and our beta test users told us they thought it was too cluttered. So we made it look a lot more like a `Web 2.0` site.
    "Environmentally-friendly" does indeed mean they`re not paper. It`s a big thing in the Uk at the moment, saving paper and reducing `carbon footprint`. But perhaps we should explain more on the site.
    Currency at the moment is in UK pounds, but we`re going to internationalise the site in future. We currently use Paypal as our payment gateway and that should be able to do the conversion into other currencies in the meantime.
    Thanks again for your comments and best wishes!
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    tonymaffoytonymaffoy subscriber Posts: 0
    visit on  icardsystem.com
    it will give all info about icard.
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    patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    see www.MyFunCards.com
    one concern would be a potential bunch of spam after the free card.
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