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kbuffettkbuffett subscriber Posts: 1
edited January 2007 in Website Critique
Can i get some feed back on my website i have never done one before and was wondering what i can do to improve    thanks    keith
http://integritytoolservice.com</A>kbuffett2007-1-18 8:51:26


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    yourNAMEinDotComyourNAMEinDotCom subscriber Posts: 17
    In my opinion, it`s well laid out.It just seems to need some visual appeal.Someone with an artistic eye should be able to help you with this.I`m not sure how to say it but the colours don`t flow or match, if you know what I mean e.g. the black on grey, abundance of different-sized logos etc.But I wouldn`t change the layout if I were you. Your focus line or maybe I should call it the description of what you do is right where it should be. In other words, I think everything is where it should be. It could just use some minor work on the pleasantness to the eye.Keep at it, I like to see self-built websites and that was good for  first attempt.Hope you sell lots of tools. Aleem
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    EllayEllay subscriber Posts: 6
    I  like it because it loaded easily and got straight to the point. Each tab click showed the page and on the page was what the tab said it was.....if only you knew how many sites suck at this one simple task.
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    ryanwithanrryanwithanr subscriber Posts: 1
    I`d have to say I don`t like it much either. As a designer myself I see a lot of flaws, mainly with your coloring and image quality. As a consumer, I may go elsewhere.First of all, kudos on taking a stab. The more you work at this stuff, the better you get.As for the site. I would work on a good color scheme. You want colors that compliment other colors. Try to stick with 3 or so. If you are going to have a dark colored background don`t use a dark font. As ElidS stated, stick with a professional look. If you need help, seek out a designer. Cutting costs on your site presentation will ultimately reduce your income potential. Customers want to see a site they can trust. If a site looks professional, so does the company.Also as ElidS said, stick with something like Bosch. Very simple and clean. Easy to read and understand what is going on. I`d also have to agree that the logos are overwhelming and none of them really stand out. Basically, you need to clean up the site and organize it. Give it a clean, professional look.Email me if you have any questions, I`d be more than happy to go over more with you.Good luck, and keep working at it.
    ryanwithanr2007-1-18 14:3:4
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    BrianSBrianS subscriber Posts: 0
    I would suggest changing the title color or adding a logo that is more prominent. Also, your address should be placed on the main page near your phone number.
    I think it is functional, if not exciting. It all depends on why you created the site in the first place. Do you want to market to potential customers? Did you create the site just so people searching could find your information? I think you have achieved the objective of having a basic site where visitors can find out who you are, what you sell, and how to contact you.
    What do you think your customers are looking for from your site? For instance, when I am looking for a nice new restaurant, I expect their site to have images of the establishment, a menu, and contact information. I do take into account the quality of the design, but not having a menu or images is a bigger negative, IMO. When I looked for a local mechanic, the one that had the strongest Internet presence got my business.  He had a basic design, but he clearly listed the vehicles he services, how long he had been in business, the equipment he uses, and included customer testimonials.
    I don`t think all web sites need to imitate the finest design.  In fact, when it comes to advertising brick and mortar business, I believe usability and actually providing relevant the information your potential customers are looking is far more important than a flashy design.
    BrianBrianS2007-1-18 17:9:36
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    gderniegdernie subscriber Posts: 1

    Too many diffrent colors - logo sould be same size and smaller, maybe along the bottom of the footer
    Background color should change to white for easy reading
    Put your key services on the home page Integrity Tool is an Authorized warranty center for the following brands.MetaboRol-AirEagleFlexRidgid stationary compressorskobalt stationary compressorsWagner Spraytech
    I would provide case studies of before and after
    Contact info should be on every page
    Keep all images the same size http://integritytoolservice.com/blank.html</A>
    Take a look at my site http://www.graphicdesign-s.com/</A> 
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