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How did you decide on your website design?

beautifullifebeautifullife subscriber Posts: 3
I`ve written my business plan, my marketing plan, even have
clients (although I`m not `officially` in business yet)...however, I`m stuck with web design. I revised a website for a
friend, but am having a hard time doing my own. Quite frankly I`m
petrified because it is MY image. The company will bear my name.  
My  question is...how did you decide on your logo and website design? How did you know it was `IT`? 
For my business, my website will be one of my main marketing tools, so it is important that if convey the right image.  However, I think I have stressed over it so much that now it has become the big Goliath. Any suggestions?


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    JenBJenB subscriber Posts: 2
    I think my web design plan was trial and error.
    I have had my website open for about a year and a half. During that time it has had about 5 or 6 face lifts. My problem was identifying what my actual product was going to be. Now that I have identified my product tested many logo`s, I`ve come to my final Logo, but my website is still always open to revisions and updates as styles change.
    Once I decided my product path, I searched my favorite blogs and websites. I made a list of things I liked and things I didn`t like. Since I am in the craft industry it gave me a bit more of a creative twist to work with. I also incorporated my hobbies into my design. I love to do digital scrapbooking, so I learned how to make a few elements and made them work.
    In short, simply look at your product and pretend your website is a portal to your store, service, or information source. It should be inviting, and fit the mood of your product.
    Now don`t ask me about SEO.. there are a lot of other people here that could help you out a lot in that subject. I still have a lot to do with that subject.
    If you are looking for a graphics program to make your own images for your site check out Xara Xtreme . It is an excellent program and has an excellent forum to go with it. I use it for everything!
    Good Luck,
    Jennie Baer

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    vwebworldvwebworld subscriber Posts: 40
    You may not find or come up with "IT" on the first try, but your logo and web design should communicate your marketing message or be compatible with it. When someone views a website, they first "see" the page / layout / images. They do not necessarily read your content first.
    There are "standard" design factors - like a black background conveys one mood while a red background another.  Images are important factors but should not be plopped on the page without purpose or connection with the site`s content or message.
    The layout design should enable the viewer to find what they want and be able to navigate the site intuitively.
    I can almost guarantee even if you come up with an "IT" design it will change over time. Most websites do change appearance over time and as their target market changes and the web changes.
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    NuevolutionNuevolution subscriber Posts: 30 Bronze Level Member
    I have to echo JENB,
    it was all trial and error and learned from my mistakes. It took me about 14 logo designs, 14 different business cards "thank god for cheap vista print business cards". After 6 months trials and about 14 ifferent business cards, I just knew I needed to brand the company, and I had to make it stand out from the rest. After, I knew what my services were going to be, I decided to work on my site, which at the time "I can say that I was all over the place" 4 years later I know exactly what I offer and from my services, I was able to come up with something that works for me.
    I created my web site in a SEF "search engine friendly" architecture where I am currently spending $6.95 per month on Google Ad-words and currently ranking high on the search engines. As a matter a fact my web site started ranking 6 hours after I finished the web site and submitted it to Google, MSN, and Yahoo. Currently I am viewed in 33 regions (states) and getting about 206 hits per day with a conversion rate of 40 estimates per day. Not bad for the $6.95 google charges me per month.. My bill with Ad-words last month was $1.95, I`m just paying them that so they can put me on the sponsors list.
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    JenBJenB subscriber Posts: 2
    One more note.
    Try to find a logo that will translate well on paper, the web, and packaging.
    Just some tips.
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    beautifullifebeautifullife subscriber Posts: 3
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