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Leadership, Entrepreneurship and Indian Youth

KaustavKaustav subscriber Posts: 1
edited April 2007 in Startup Funding
Hi everyone, I just stumbled upon this web site using stumbleupon.com. Cool! I wanted to post here to get some advice.   I am starting up a leadership, entrepreneurship and development project with friends and colleagues based in India, USA and UK using the "semester on wheels" concept. The idea is to give the youth of India strong role models to look up to and aspire towards. The project is called Jagriti Yatra which roughly translates to awakening entrepreneurship or awakening journey (in Hindi). We have a web site at:http://www.jagritiyatra.com/We also have a blog going at:http://www.jagritiyatra.com/blogWe`re looking for seed funding to help start up the project and fund a major event planned for December 2007.  After looking through the web site you`ll get a good idea of what we`re trying to achieve.  So far we have defined a budget, have started to identify role models and decided on a route map for our journey. Now we need the seed funding to take this project forward. I`d like some solid advise on the best ways to go about courting funds from individual sponsors, SME`s and large corporates.  Look forwards to your views. Kaustav
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