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Who is the most attractive candidate for small business owners?

AndyBirolAndyBirol subscriber Posts: 1

In comparing the candidates from least attractive to most attractive for small business owners, they are as follows: Hillary Clinton (least attractive), John McCain and Barack Obama (tied)


:    Voters, namely small business owners, are terrified of her health care views, taxes and worker`s rights. She will hurt small businesses a lot more than help them. If she is elected there will be a dramatic decline in business confidence levels which will, in turn, force them outside of their comfort level.

McCain:    He is very logical. A true republican, he believes in lowering taxes, balanced budget and less government intervention. McCain is very quirky, but doesn`t give small business owners any confidence because he has never been a business owner - which is a major concern for the small business owners who look for that been-there, done-that knowledge. He is a maverick. He is a POW. Business owners can identify with this side of him because of the hero, "I`m a survivor" aspect.

Obama:    Last night`s endorsement of the teamsters did not help him because this scares small business owners. But on the other hand, small business owners are disillusioned by all of the empty promises a certain president has promised to make - but hasn`t delivered on.  His promise of hope is appealing, but lacks implication. Small business owners like the idea of his promise for hope and change. They are attracted to renewal and change and growth - anything better than the status quo.

Summary:        Small business owners should find McCain attractive followed closely by Obama.

...but, if there is another national economic threat, such as a terrorist attack or more war, the vote will become economically driven. And because Obama has displayed negative thoughts regarding NAFTA, things could get very interesting, very fast.

AndyBirol2/27/2008 11:41 AM


  • besthealthbesthealth subscriber Posts: 4
    I will say that all of the candidates appear to have some sense of the importance of small businesses. However, we should also know that what we think now will be quite different once the elected candidate takes office.
    Do you remember this famous line "Read my lips, no more taxes!" who said this and what happened after this person was elected?
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