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Need Your Comments To Improve Our Start Up Software

ImonggoImonggo subscriber Posts: 3
Imonggo is a web-based Point of Sale Software that will help you operate your retail business.
The idea of web-based application is not new, neither is the idea of
free application; but Imonggo being simple yet usable, practical yet
scalable, couple with concept of FREE makes it unique. Up until today,
there is no usable FREE Point-Of-Sale system on the web (except for
Imonggo. Try it yourself, and let me know if you disagree).
We believe in the power of simplicity. We adore Apple for building Ipod
- The simplest MP3 player we have ever seen. Our idea is to build an
“Ipod like business application”, keeping everything in its simplest
form whenever possible, at the same time, make sure that all the basic
necessity of business feature are satisfied. We understood very well
that entrepreneurs like things practical and direct, easy yet gets the
job done. And that’s the foundation of Imonggo’s design philosophy.
Imonggo is built for retail stores that sells almost anything. Owners
will love the instant graphs and reports from hourly-sales to monthly
sales. This is the business Intelligence enterprise talks about.
Imonggo presents to you simply and easily. The power of Imonggo is even
amplified when you use it in chain stores.
We are inviting every retail business owner to try out Imonggo. We will love your comments and feedback.


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    MerchantProfMerchantProf subscriber Posts: 0
    I went to your site and clicked on the Take a Tour link.
    A window popped open,
    I wanted to look at the Store, so I clicked on that button, and the window disappeared.
    Now, I know that what I was looking at was a js lightbox effect, but will your other visitors? I think not. The > for going to the next slide is down in the corner and grey, whereas, those three icons: Stockroom, Store and Office are right there front and center and colored brightly.
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