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online movie rental

karikkarik subscriber Posts: 1
edited February 2009 in Business Planning
im on my way to start online movie rental business
i need some advice where to start, how get licenses and how to get license to make legal copies for renting....
and anything that will help me to start
thanks ... karik2007-8-5 0:50:41


  • karikkarik subscriber Posts: 1
    serve Armenian and Russian comunity with the movies they love and want that NetFlix don`t have
  • karikkarik subscriber Posts: 1
    yea i understand but the thing is im in California and verything im trying to do is ilegal
    i have to get licenses and permits to copy dvds and put copy protection on my copies and rent them
    but i dont know where and how to get that licenses
    do i have to deal with every manufacturer for permit to copy their dvds
    or if i will do copis and put protection and everything on it and rent them does that still illegal?
  • karikkarik subscriber Posts: 1
    yea but i have to make dvd copies to give customers i cant give them original ones
    but in USA making dvd copy is illegal and i dont know what to do
  • karikkarik subscriber Posts: 1
    haha thanks for advice break the law so ill be arested or ill get big ticket ???
  • karikkarik subscriber Posts: 1
    yea i know the law says i can`t make DVD copies
    but the same law says i can make bakup copies and copies with copy protection and copyright for personal use
    so i want the same thing for rent whats about that ?
    the same copy of DVD with copyright and copy protected can be legal for comercial use (not for sale i mean for rent )???
  • karikkarik subscriber Posts: 1
    /pages/community/smileys/smiley1.gif ok do you know how to make that copies legal or how to get license for that
    if its comercial so i have to get permits from the company who owns the copyright on that dvd (buy the permit ) ?? so if it works that way i have to spend bigg money for only that permits ??????
    how does netflix blockbuster or videohut or hollywoodvideo work ? they dont give out original dvds they make copies and when you rent dvd from them they give you the copy thats illegal ??
  • karikkarik subscriber Posts: 1
    so if i want to start dvd rental business i have to break the law and make copies for rent or but licensec that will give permition to make copies wich will cost alooottt of money
    lol so or i would not start that business or i`ll get penalty for breaking the law
    am i right ???
  • patentandtrademarkpatentandtrademark subscriber Posts: 103
    wow.  yes, you`ll get penalty.
  • karikkarik subscriber Posts: 1
    cool so i can`t start my business legally in USA anyways i have to breake a law and meybe i`ll get penalty
    right i got it if you want to make money you have to do ilegal things because theres nothing legal in USA
    am i right ??
  • BreeAnaBreeAna subscriber Posts: 3
    Hi Karik,
    A client of mine who ventured in starting a business similarly to yours by providing to the general public a subscription service for streaming videos.  In their initial process of attaining license rights to show these videos, their fees were in the upper $100,000 for one of the more popular movie companies. Thats for the license alone.  They without properly reading the contract and terms did not realize that it was just for licensing, had to fork out even more money to attain copies of the movies.
    My point for bringing this is up, is that it is important to have professional help in your business ventures and not try to do things on your own, and of course not start your business with illegal activities.  After all whats the point in starting a business if your doom to loose it because of the failure doing it right the first time?
     BreeAna2007-8-8 0:30:33
  • karikkarik subscriber Posts: 1
    FastVentures - on lets say you are the one who im asking for help what will you recommend ??

    BreeAna - thanks for the advice but $100,000 for only license with one company ?? sorry but dot`s abnormal
    and where can i get that professional help ??
  • karikkarik subscriber Posts: 1
    yea i understand that but i cant spend that much money for only licenses and the thing is compatition is with NetFlix or Blockbaster and i dont know whats right do that or not because they are big companies and i cant just start with 100,000 or 200,000 and fight with milion dollar companies /pages/community/smileys/smiley17.gif
    what to do ? i dont know /pages/community/smileys/smiley1.gif
  • karikkarik subscriber Posts: 1
    ok i understand everything
    i have one more question
    if i but DVD from the store
    can i give it out for rent without any licenses or permits ?????
  • MattTurpinMattTurpin subscriber Posts: 22
    Here - I think the best thing you can do, is contact the MPAA yourself. I dug up the numbers from their contact information on their website. Nobody is better equipped to discuss actual numbers and specific legal issues than the party who will be suing you into oblivion should you wrong them. Be as specific and honest as you can. This isn`t a situation where making people tell you what you want to hear is any good at all.
    Office of the Chairman and CEO Washington, DC1600 Eye St., NWWashington, DC 20006(202) 293-1966 (main)(202) 296-7410 (fax)Los Angeles
    15301 Ventura Blvd., Building E
    Sherman Oaks, California 91403
    (818) 995-6600 (main)
    (818) 285-4403 (fax)New York (Anti-Piracy Office)
    200 White Plains Road 1st Floor
    Tarrytown, NY 10591
    (914) 333-8892 (main)
    (914) 333-7541 (fax)Sao Paulo, Brazil
    Rua Sergipe 475, 10th Floor
    São Paulo, SP 01243-001
    011-5511-3667-2080 (main)
    011-5511-3825-5544 (fax)Brussels, Belgium
    Avenue des Arts, 46 8th floor
    B-1000 Brussells
    011-32-2-778-2711 (main)
    011-32-2-778-2700 (fax)Singapore
    No. 1 Magazine Road
    Central Mall #04-07
    Singapore 059571
    011-65-6253-1033 (main)
    011-65-6255-1838 (fax)Toronto, Canada (CMPDA)
    22 St. Clair Avenue, East
    Suite 1603
    Toronto M4T 2S4
    (416) 961-1888 (main)
    (416) 968-1016 (fax)
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